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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:52 pm
by kywana
I was born in Guyana and for many years have been seeking origins of my maiden name Fiedtkou. It is a hit and miss search so far. Family records and existing tombstones are limited or no longer exist. I hope that this new sharing of info will lead to something,and I am excited at the prospect of learning new details.

As best I know, my recent ancestors lived in areas in and around the Demerara region, and their primary occupations were in woodcutting timber and sawmill operations.

The name itself seems to be spelled in a variety of ways, Fiedtkou and in some old newspapers, Fiedtkow.

I believe we are linked to the Couchman and Allicock famillies, and surely many others.

My many searches led to an obituary in The Gazette for a Hardy Fiedtkow who died suddenly at a young age in 1814, leaving behind a wife and two children. His widow, I believe, then arranged for her daughter (a minor) Sarah Jeanette Fiedtkou to marry a Scotsman, John Forsyth. Then she posted a notice to leave the colony of British Guiana, sold up her plantation Vreed and Vriendschip, and left with her remaining child.