FROST - Trinidad

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FROST - Trinidad

Postby Duncan » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:35 pm

William Thomas Frost born Essex, England 1825 arrived in Trinidad around 1846 and left in 1880. During that time he managed up to 25 estates and owned some himself. He died in 1899 leaving a wife Elizabeth. I believe he had children in Trinidad but have found no record of them so far. The name Frost is found today in Trinidad and Barbados A nephew George Frost went to Trinidad in 1908 and his descendants are well documented. Can anyone supply any information on William and his descendants
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby bimjim » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:51 pm

Just FYI, Patrick Frost was a student, and as a teacher taught me, at the Lodge School in St. John parish in Barbados.

I believe he still teaches there (unless he has since retired - I am 61 now) and for many years he was actively involved with the Barbados Teachers Association / Union.

Here is a link...

Edith Clack also posted a query on October 30, 1999
"Does anyone know of a John Frost that was an agent in England and went to Barbados around 1897. If you have any knowledge of him please email me."
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby becks148 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:17 pm

I have the following book: Reminiscences of an Old Colonist by William Frost (with his photograph and signature).
The book can be read on-line at ... edir_esc=y

Or if you want to . the book, please go to :

Kind regards,

Adrian Beckham,
Suffolk, England
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby Duncan » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:32 pm

Many thanks
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby HilaryC » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:04 am

Hi Duncan,

Did you find anything out about John Frost (brother of William Frost) as I'm a descendant and looking into family ancestry at the moment. All the best, Hilary
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby delabastide » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:01 pm

Duncan, I have a George Frost married to Ethel Waith McClean and they had four children of record (Charles, Olive, Millie, and Harold) Harold and his descendants are in my database, if you are interested.
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Re: FROST - Trinidad

Postby Duncan » Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:51 pm

Sorry for my late response, I have been sailing in the Grenadines. Michael Frost kindly gave me info on Harold's line. I have tracked the Frosts to Essex in England back to the early 1800's. George Frost's uncle was William Thomas Frost who led an interesting life in Trinidad. There is a small booklet written about him. In brief

In 1846 at age 22 with help and encouragement from his Uncle Jim, an offer from a friend Mr Hardy was accepted to go to Trinidad and work as an overseer on the estates of the firm of Eccles Burnley & Co at Orange Grove.
He rapidly progressed from being an overseer to become a manager and eventually he was in charge of 25 estates, mainly engaged in producing sugar. They included Orange Grove, Macoya, El Dorado, Dinsley in the North. Phoenix Park, Esperanza, Forres Park, Providence, Savonetta, Mt Pleasant, all near Couva in central Trinidad. Also Cedar Hill, in the Naparimas and the estates of Sir Charles Tennant which would have included Palmiste and possibly Union Hall, and Belair. Finally Cedros in the extreme Southwest peninsula, a coconut estate. The other landowners were the Burnley family and Mr J Cunningham.

In 1880 he attended a Grand Ball given by a Mr Agostini in honor of the sons of Queen Victoria Prince George and Prince Albert on their visit to Trinidad

William never purchased estates in Trinidad but in 1888 he was obliged to journey to Trinidad to sell Reform estate on which he held a mortgage.

William departed Trinidad to live in England in June 1880 where he had bought several properties near Great Bromley including Pond House, New House where he lived, Bush Farm, Cherry Tree Farm and Vinces Farm.

When he died, amongst the mourners were his brothers Nathaniel and John, Mr William S Robertson, former Mayor of San Fernando in Trinidad (1889 to 1892) and Mr W Tennant representing the firm of Charles Tennant, Sons & Co

Obituary: Mr. William Frost, given., in England. Planter for more than 30 years in Couva and Naparima. Attorney for Sir Charles Tennant and Messrs. Burnley (whose estates exported about 1/3 of island sugar). Retired ca. 1879 to his farm in Essex. Gifted mathematician. Left nephew and niece.
(Port-of-Spain Gazette: 8 Sept. 1899)

My wife's grandmother was an elder sister of Ethel Waithe McClean hence my interest. I have been stumped by the descendants of another sister Mildred McClean who married Samuel Henderson (reported twin brother of John H Henderson who married Mildred's eldest sister Edith Howe McClean and founded the San Fernando Hendersons) Mildred had two sons Ian born 1900 and supposedly died in Malaya in 1942 though I can find nothing on him and Edgar McClean Henderson who died in the UK in 1971, again no other info.

You may be interested in the attached photo. Frederick Harford is buried at L'Esterre estate near Grenville, Grenada. Born about 1795 in London he died May 1851. His descendants moved to Trinidad and besides Harfords include Kernahans. This I get from the present owners who recall the family maintaining the estate into the 1950's

My best regards

St Vincent
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