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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby FabFord » Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:55 pm

Hi Lilie (Sharon),

Good day again. This is just a synopsis of my family background.There is much more details in my soon to be published book. If you can provide me with any dates of birth or dates of death of any of our ancestors I would be very grateful.

John Ford I was my great-great-great grandfather. He was married to Hannah Burton. Her parents were Thomas Burton and Ressy James. The children of John and Hannah were William, Mary-Ann and John II.

Mary-Ann married John Goodison and had at least three children. John Ford II married Margaret Blake and had three sons. William Ford my great-great grandfather had a number of children with an African slave woman including my great grandfather John. John (son of William) married Mary Neif Lawrence and had Oscar Charles, Henry Alman, Jane Margaret, Ada Roberta,John Felix (my grandfather), Jacob and Esau (twins), Isaac Daniel, James Emmanuel, Frederick Albert and Ernest Ethelbert. All the siblings got married with the exception of Jacob. There are also some discrepancies surrounding the birthdates of James' Children.

Ernest married Ada Clarke (my grand aunt by my mom's side). My grandfather John Felix married Alice Maud Johnson and had Wilhelmina, Mary, Ada. John, Harold,Gladstone, Alice, Ambrose (my father),Rosetta,Maizie, Ivy (died in infanthood) and William Morris. All the siblings ae now deceased.

With the exception of Ivy and Maizie they all had children, some of whom are now deceased. Mary, Rosetta, Alice and Maizie migrated to the USA where they died.

John migrated to Cuba in the 1920s and never returned to Jamaica. Mary died at age 81, Wilhelmina 33, Ivy a year and six months and Harold 55. All the others lived to be over 90 years with Ada passing away at 101!

I am the fifth of seven children for my dad. Four of my siblings live in the USA. I am currently the principal of a school in western Jamaica.
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby RETapscott » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:49 pm

I am studying the history of my surname "Tapscott." One relative, possibly my 7G grandfather, William Tapscott, was taken prisoner during England's Monmouth rebellion and was transported from England to Jamaica about 1686. He was released around 1690 and may have eventually traveled to the U.S. settling in New Jersey.

I have found an extremely close Y-DNA37 match (distance of 1) between myself and a descendant of John Ford, b about 1753, the earliest known male of the primary Ford line discussed in this forum.

I believe that William Tapscott, a white indentured servant, may have been a male progenitor within this Ford line while he was in Jamaica. One posting in this forum (Sat Jul 19, 2008 ) has stated that a much more recent John Ford was rumored to be "the son of William Ford and a former african slave." One wonders whether this rumor was actually for a much earlier John Ford, "the son of William Tapscott and an African slave. "This would, of course, require that a name change occurred, not uncommon at the time for offspring of interracial relationships.

I am looking for comments, etc. In particular, if there is any evidence of a "Tapscott" connected with the Ford line, please post it.

I have requested a DNA test upgrade to y-DNA67; however, this will not provide additional evidence without a present-day male Jamaica Ford descendant (possibly someone on this forum) undergoing a similar 67-marker test. Even without this uprgrade, however, the present test results are fairly conclusive that I, a white, male Tapscott of English origin, am related to the line that includes Oscar and Rufus Ford through a male antecedant.
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby lillie79 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:22 am

Thank you for sharing such invaluable information. Great job with regards to undertaking having the DNA test that shows a link to my ancestor John Ford born circa 1753. It seems that you are related to us on the forum. Amazing.

This is fascinating stuff, this seems to prove the case that William Tapscott is connected to John Ford it will help explain the socioeconomic status of our earleiest identified John Ford (born circa 1753) in that he does not appear to have been large scaled slave owner in St Elizabeth. I descend from the third son born to son of John Ford (born circa 1753) - Samuel Facey Ford, Oscar Ford descended from the first born son of John Ford (born circa 1753). Funny, I was planning to have the DNA of one of our male Fords conducted at some point this year. I have had my father`s DNA conducted. The Fords are my father`s maternal line.

Regards to William Ford having children with an African woman, I have not identified such an individual so far. Yes, there was a William Ford who was brother of John and Mary Ford. It was his father, John Ford (born circa 1753) that had children with Hannah Burton, then a free woman of colour. So Igues yes, this arguement may well be for the earlier John Ford.

I wonder which parish in Jamaica did your ancestor, William Tapscott settle in for the short that he was in Jamaica?
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby RETapscott » Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:35 pm

My earliest known ancestor was Henry Tapscott, born 27 Aug 1685 in England (probably Somerset), arrived in Virginia 12 Jan 1700 (new calendar), and died abt Apr 1727. He founded the largest U.S. group of Tapscotts in the U.S. A second group of U.S. Tapscotts appears to have originated with William Tapscott, after he came to the U.S. from Jamaica. There are some believe that Henry and William were closely related and that William could have been Henry's father, but there is no proof.

The following, which is taken from the yet-unpublished draft second edition of my book on Henry ("Henry the Immigrant"), is just about all I know of William. I am, however, starting to look into where William went and what he did in Jamaica. Never having done any family history or genealogical research in Jamaica, I may not be successful. If I find anything, I will post it.

"The other was a second William Tapscott, a “sergeweaver” from Culmstock in Devon, who did participate in the ill-fated Monmouth Rebellion. This may be the William Tapscott who married Mary Bronsford on 10 August 1654 at Culmstock’s All Saints’ Church.[25] On 8 July 1685, seven weeks before Henry’s birth and two days after the ill-fated Battle of Sedgemoor, William the Rebel was tried in Taunton, Somerset, before Chief Justice Jeffreys at the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Dorset, Somerset, and Devon for waging war against the King and was sentenced to be transported to the Americas.[99]

One of 100 prisoners given to Sir Christopher Musgrave, William was conveyed from Weymouth on the ship Jamaica Merchant to Jamaica, arriving there by 12 March 1685/1686. After his pardon and release, following the ascendancy of William of Orange to the throne, William Tapscott, the Rebel, may have gone to New Jersey around 1691 and there founded a second line of Tapscotts in America.[100]

The 17 June 1798 will of a James Tapscott, a doctor of Physick” in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, lists two nephews (William and James Tapscott) and a niece (Lucy Tapscott) as living in Monmouth, New Jersey.[101] Whatever their source, many of the descendants of the New Jersey Tapscotts, eventually settled in Butler[102] and Warren[103] Counties in Ohio. One cannot help wondering whether William the Rebel and Henry were related."


25. Letter in files of Robert Tapscott from Culmstock Church, “The Tapscott Families of Culmstock, Devon,” July 1998.

99. Peter Wilson Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1990, p. 523; W. Macdonald Wigfield, compiler, The Monmouth Rebels 1685, Vol. 79, Somerset Record Society, 1985.

100. Records of Joseph D. (“Danny”) Tapscott, Kilmarnock, Virginia, Northumberland Historical Society, Heathsville, Virginia.

101. Will of James Tapscott of Hinckley, Leicester. Written 17 June 1798, Probated 24 January 1799, Public Record Office, The National Archives, UK, Catalogue Reference Prob 11/1318. I would like to thank Colleen Tapscott of Gloucester, England, for bringing this to my attention.

102. A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio, Western Biographical Publishing Company, Cincinnati Ohio, 1882.

103, Allen F Betzler and Florence Geradine, New Jersey Transplants: a Genealogical Record of Some of the Pioneer Families Who Came From New Jersey to Settle in the Miami Valley of Ohio, and Their Descendant Generations, Warren County Genealogical Society, Lebanon, Ohio, 2000.
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby lillie79 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:19 am

Thank you RETapscott. This is truly interesting. We will search for the presence of William in the Jamaican records with the hope of locating him. Some of the records do show individuals that were white indentured labourers having served and dates the completion of service.
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby fordiep » Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:25 pm

Hi cousins,

Fabian, I would really like to get in touch with you and help with your research; I sent you a PM with my contact info.
I did the Y-DNA37 test on FTDNA and am a close match with RETapscott. It is very exciting that William Tapscott may well be our migrant ancestor and I would encourage more male Fords from our line to do the Y-DNA test.
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Matthew William Ford - West Indies 1804

Postby enquirer40 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:20 pm

I am trying to locate any connections with Matthew William Ford (1788-1841). He was commissioned as an ensign in the 8th West India Regiment in 1804 aged 16 and served around the West Indies until 1812. Perhaps his family came from the West Indies. Has anyone got any thoughts.Many thanks for any help.
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby RETapscott » Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:34 pm

Since posting the observation of a close DNA match between me and a Jamaican Ford descendant (genetic distance of 2 for a 67-marker yDNA STR test), I have observed an even closer match (genetic distance of 1 for 67 markers) between that Ford descendant and a Tapscott who has never left England. In both cases the DNA difference lies in marker CDYb. The Jamaican Ford descendant shows 37-37 for CDY; the Tapscott living in England shows 37-38 for CDY; I show 37-39 for CDY. Since CDY is a fast-mutating marker, the fact that we differ only in this one marker strengthens the probability that the Fords of St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, and the Tapscotts of England and the U.S., have a common ancestor, quite possibly linked to William Tapscott, the Rebel, who was transported from England to Jamaica around 1686.

What is interesting is that the Jamaican Ford descendant also shows close matches (distances of 1 for 67 markers) with three people descended from ancestors bearing the name Bolding or Bowling. At this time I do not know whether the marker was CDY. We have noticed a similar match for Tapscotts in the Tapscott surname study. Autosomal DNA results also indicate a match between the Bolding/Bowling family and Tapscotts.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Bolding/Bowling family of Virginia, USA, the Tapscotts of Virginia and England, and the Fords of St. Elizabeth Jamaica have a common ancestor, but it would be nice to confirm this with a paper study.

I have submitted this question as a subject for a televised Genealogy Roadshow; however, I suspect that it will not be chosen since (1) it involves records outside the U.S. (which may increase the amount of time that the Roadshow wishes to spend on a project) and (2) I am not a confirmed member of the Ford family of Jamaica. One of you St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Fords may wish to also propose this as a Genealogy Roadshow study (

I also encourage other St. Elizabeth Jamaica Fords to participate in yDNA studies. I believe that 67 markers is the minimum that should be used and that Fords undergoing such a study should join the Tapscott surname project (
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby bimjim » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:10 pm

Here is the marriage...

Alva Ford m.Rosalind Hanson

Jamaica, Civil Registration
Name Alva Ford
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 30 Dec 1939
Event Place Rose Hall School, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

Gender Male

Father's Name Alfred Ford

Spouse's Name Rosalind Hanson
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Father's Name Michael Hanson
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Re: FORD - Jamaica, St Elizabeth

Postby DAFord » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:39 pm


I'm curious if I have a connection with any of you. An Ernest Ford from St. Elizabeth is my grandfather. He had 2 sons with a Lydia Beason in Bartons. The first son, my uncle was born in 1936 - Edward Ford (still living) and the 2nd son, my father born in 1938 (still living). Lydia and Ernest were never married and Lydia later had additional children from another relationship. My father has memory of my uncle visiting his father's family in St. Elizabeth when he was about 5 years old. It is claimed that an aunt (Ernest's sister? Or sister-in-law?) hosted him. I believe she went by the name of Miss Stephenson. My grandmother Lydia Beason was born in 1914 and deceased in 2008. My father never met his father or has no memory of him. My mother who also spent time in Bartons says everyone knew the Ford family from St. Elizabeth and they were very fair-skinned people.

Please let me know which Ernest Ford could be my grandfather. I'm trying to complete my family tree and would love to add in his parents info and any other info. I am new to this having just received my DNA results from, so welcome any advice and input.
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