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FAULKNER, WINCEY - BVI, Tortola, Anegada

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:22 am
by Phillip Bate
An Australian journalist, I am a direct descendant of Frances Eleanor Faulkner who was born on Tortola Island on May 1, 1800 and died in South Australia on January 7, 1887. Family history indicates her father was a cotton planter and her grandfather a sugar grower. As a girl, her parents then moved to Anegada where she remained up to womanhood.

In 1822 she joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church and under the direction of missionary Rev T Truscott (later lost in shipwreck in 1826) helped locals with reading and writing. The Slave Register indicates she had slaves Lady (17)(1822) and James (14 mths) and Joseph (4 mths)(1825 ). Family history indicates she married William Wincey (b circa 1786, Isle of Wight) around 1826 and subsequently moved to England with her husband where she is reputed to have joined with Wilberforce and Miss Buxton for the abolition of slavery.

She and her husband were based in Cornwall in 1835 as in November that year she gave birth to a daughter Frances Maria (William Wincey listed as farmer at Polteggan, Penzance), and in 1837 had a son William Faulkner Wincey. The family then emigrated to Australia arriving in Adelaide, South Australia in late December 1839. British BMD records also list the baptism of Frances Faulkner Wincey (23.9.1829) (father William Wincey, mother Frances Wincey) at Islington, London, but no further trace of her.

So far I have been unable to trace Frances Eleanor's parents or any details of her wedding to William Wincey or any details of William Wincey's arrival in the West Indies and subsequent occupation.

Consequently any information about Frances Eleanor Faulkner's family and William Wincey. would be greatly appreciated

Re: FAULKNER, WINCEY - BVI, Tortola, Anegada

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:59 pm
by Phillip Bate
I recently established contact with a 93-Y.O. lady in Adelaide, South Australia, (a cousin of my late paternal grandmother) who is a great grand-daughter of William Wincey (Isle of Wight) and Frances Eleanor Faulkner (Tortola BVI)!

Through her family records it appears that Frances Eleanor was one of seven children of John Faulkner (1770-1815) and Mary Rymer??? (died 1805) who were married in 1790. The children were Thomas Henry (b 1790), John Bird (b 1794), Jane Richards (b 1796), William Christopher (b 1798), Frances Eleanor & Mary Ann, twins (b May 1800) and Martha (1803-1857). John Faulkner later married Belinda Hughes (Bahamas) in 1807.

When John Faulkner died in 1815 the three youngest girls (Frances, Mary and Martha) went to live with their mother's married sister Martha Gildersleeve ??? on Agenada whose husband ??? was some sort of travelling magistrate.

So far I have been unable to trace any further details of siblings, her mother and her immediate family and Belinda Hughes.

The family records indicate that Frances Eleanor married William Wincey at St Kitts (circa 1826/28 ) with Wesleyan Methodist missionary Rev Thomas Pennock as presiding minister. They subsequently sailed to Falmouth, Cornwall, England and Frances Eleanor had a daughter at Isle of Wight??) in England in September, 1829, who died three years later. Consequently, I'm seeking information on how I can access marriage records at St Kitts and any shipping details of mail boats between St Kitts and England.
Again, any help would be greatly appreciated