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JONES, Arthur 1692-1696

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:44 pm
by frankB

You had provided some good research for me on this ancestor in the past (associated with the pirate, Thomas Tew).

Would you have access to this book: "Early Bermuda Wills 1629 - 1835" by C.P.L. Hollis Hallett, Juniper Press, 1993?

Page 329 is the Arthur Jones will dated 1692. I haven't seen it but would like to read this page. Also his wife, Margaret Barrett, had remarried to Bernard Hutten and she has a will dated 1696 which may be in this book. In her will she mentions a "Madascar man" as a legacey to her accountant or executor of her estate.

I would like to have copies of these pages as they have references to legacies left to nephews and nieces that I am related to. Any suggestions as to how to proceed, short of buying the book, would be helpful.

Thank you,
Frank Buras
Amateur geneaolgist

Re: JONES, Arthur 1692-1696

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:04 pm
by bimjim
My first impulse was to look it up in Google Books to see if a free viewing was possible out of their scanned database - no such luck.

But Google Books will tell you where to find one in a Library nearby... enter the name of the book and the author (I entered "Early Bermuda Wills 1629 Hollis Hallett"), then click through, it asks for your location, and click on the Submit button. It directed me to one on the shelves at the Toronto Reference Library, downtown. I already searched another resource I use,, without success.

Options were displayed on Google Books for buying at and elsewhere, but no reviews and no prices so I suspect that means it is not available from those sources. Alternatively, it may be available from Google Books through Print-On-Demand (there's also a P-O-D button on the page that I did not follow).

Another alternative is eBay. If you have an account there you can set up an Alert to let you know if/when one comes on the market there.

I hope this has been of use... it's a start, anyway!