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HAYNES, HOLDER, BOXILL - Barbados, St. George, Prerogative

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:38 pm
by rashad
Im searching for possible relatives or anyone who could help in family search. My grandfather is Evan Athelston Haynes who was born in Barbados on 7th April, 1918. He was Originally from Prerogative, St. George. He died in Barbados on 10th September, 2001. My grandfather's mother was Viola Holder but her maiden name was Haynes.

His father was Coleridge Boxill. He also had siblings named Evelyn McCollin, Sheila Jones, Maurice Haynes, Leslie Haynes, Hartnell Haynes, Glendora Ellis, Desmond Jordan and Erma. Some of his siblings moved to USA. My grandfather was married to Cordelia Clementina Haynes, her maiden name was Alleyne. The list of surnames we are related to that I know of is Prince, Haynes, Boxill,Taylor, Lovell, Davis.

Note: there is different ways some people spell Boxill. I'm not sure if it is spelt correct. Varieties of ways people spell it: Boxall, Bexell, Baxill, Boxhill, Boxill, Boxil, Boxshell, Bicksall, Buxel and Boxell.

Re: HAYNES, HOLDER, BOXILL - Barbados, St. George, Prerogati

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:39 am
by vronm
Hi Rashad;

I am working on a BOXALL (and variant) One Name Study World Wide.

I have marriages for St. George, Barbados between 1803 - 1883. But I am confused as to how Coleridge BOXILL fits into the HAYNES or Haynes fits into BOXILL. I do not have any births for Barbados. What I do have is that the name is spelt BOXILL there. My assumption at this point in time is that the original spelling may have been BOXWELL, having found the odd detail of a few BOXWELL's going to Barbados to work on plantations, at least I believe that is the case, that wouldbe back in the 1700's.

If you are able to find further details about Coleridge BOXILL, his parents and or his siblings, dates. Having no one in Barbados to do research for me , I m afraid my data is basically limited to marriages in the 1800's and baptisms in the 1700's. If you think I can assist you with my limited data or if you are able to assist with research in Barbados it would be most welcome.

Kindest regards
Veronica Mensch
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Re: HAYNES, HOLDER, BOXILL - Barbados, St. George, Prerogati

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:12 pm
by bimjim
From Caribbeana, Volumes 2 and 3... no index listings in the others.


Re: HAYNES, HOLDER, BOXILL - Barbados, St. George, Prerogati

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:07 am
by vronm
Thank you. This is great I will see if I can match these to what I currently have. I had forgotten about the burials in London that I had previously found with the link to Barbados. I will have to look through my data base and see if these are the same family.

Sadly I do not have a family started for them yet. Will have to do some digging. We recently had to have restoration work done on our multi purpose room, although all my data is back home it is still in boxes, the restoration company packed everything up and labeled the boxes books and office, it may take some time for me to put anything together.

I am excited about the scan you shared.

Kindest regards
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