BROWN, CRAWFORD - Jamaica, Panama, Barbados

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BROWN, CRAWFORD - Jamaica, Panama, Barbados

Postby LBJr » Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:55 am

I'm the great grandson of Retenella Brown. What I know is that she born in Jamaica around 1903 and 1904, she died in Panama and was buried there.

She had 4 children with a Bajan called Joseph Crawford around 1922. In Panama, there names were
    Alberto Brown
    Iris Brown
    Eduardo Brown
    Ruperto Brown

All them were born in Panama. I know she came to Panama because of the construction of the Panama Canal, and she used to keep close contact with family in Jamaica, London and Ireland.

Her Dad's name was Rodney Brown, from Jamaica.

I would like to get more information from my Jamaican roots
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