Moore, Edward

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Moore, Edward

Postby kelmo124 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:00 pm

I'm looking for Information on my great grandfather Edward Moore. He was born in Babados in 1877 and came to America in 1913. He married a woman named Katherine and they had 5 children together I'm NYC.
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Re: Moore, Edward

Postby yvonne emanuel » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:40 pm

My surname of interest is also 'Moore'. Specifically Augusta Moore who went from Barbados to St lucia with Samuel Herbert Pollard and had 5 children, one of which was my Maternal grendmother Rosalind.

The children carried the Moore surname until a deed Poll was submitted for them to travel to Panama which changed their name to Pollard. Samuel Pollard was a court Baliff in St Lucia. No doubt the ppwk was generated in Barbados and when an opening became available in St Lucia, he was sent there.

My Cousin Olivia Neverson- Rusty then Jastram (her married names) (which I call "aunt because of age) was the (gd) of Augusta Moore and (d) of Miriam Moore whose last name was changed to Pollard along with the other children of Augusta Moore when Miriam was to Marry Mr. Neverson and move to Panama.

Aunt (cousin) Olive remembers talk of her mother (Miriam) going to Henry Moore (he was an uncle or an older brother - possible previous birth of Augusta) when Miriam and her husband Mr. Neverson reached Panama.

The famiies have since migrated to NY - I am a decendant of Augusta Moore by the youngest child Rosalind Moore Pollard-LaMotte (married) born in St Lucia 1898.

Panama Canal Zone, Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records:
Augusta Moore died in Panama.B:1864-7 Dec 1942

I saw a John Moore entry in the Gorgas Panama data entry . He was also from Barbados. He was buried in Corozal Dec 1941 and an Anosia Moore estimated birth 1869 St Lucia died in Panama 30 Jan 1943. And Winifred Moore birth 1918 age 17 nationality Barbados death 1935.

I am from Brooklyn now living in NJ and MD.
DeLaMotte, LaMotte, LaMothe, Belfon,Pollard, Moore (Grenada, Panama. Barbados St Lucia)...Agusta Moore and Mr. Pollard ,Barbados, moved to St. lucia had 4 or 5 children one named Roselind Pollard born 1898. married a Louis LaMotte Jr. in Panama
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