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Woodmans of Barbados - still need help please

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:37 pm
by jambo
Samuel Woodman was my 4th great grandfather. He was born around 1780 but I do not know where. He married Margaret (possible surname Scrivens or Seravins) in 1803 in St James Parish, Barbados. He died in 1844 at Baxter's Road, Bridgetown where he owned property. I have his occupation as blacksmith. Margaret died at the age of 110 in 1895 when apparently a beam from the roof fell on her during a hurricane. No verification of this just family story.

I have been able to find some of their children up to about the 1850's but then I hit a brick wall :? I am now trying to find out how Samuel Woodman arrived in Barbados and where he came from. Can anyone help me out, please?

It is also believed he had a "second family" with his friend Elizabeth Ann Barrow. "Will extract shows Samuel to have property in Chapman Street Bridgetown, which he left to his two coloured children, Samuel Woodman and John Richard Woodman by Elizabeth Anne Barrow. They were not 21 years old at the time." Suspect the son Samuel to have been Butler at Colleton Estate House, St John Parish, Barbados. The name Barrow could possibly have been Burrow to make things more difficult.

I have listed Samuel and Margaret's other children below in the hopes someone may recognize a name or may be able to help me find a way through this genealogical brick wall that is driving me crazy....

Thanks for any help available, Jambo.

All born Barbados -
Sarah Frances Woodman (b. 1809) m. William Benjamin Western
John Thomas Woodman (b. 1811) m. Charlotte Henery Moore
Anna Woodman (b. 1813)
William Woodman (b. 1815) m. Jane Ann Trotman
Robert Woodman (b. 1819) m. William Ann Bycraft/Bycroft
Samuel Barrow Woodman (died 1913)
John Richard Barrow Woodman m. Dorothy Holder in 1865