O'Neill's of Barbados in Puerto Rico

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O'Neill's of Barbados in Puerto Rico

Postby Miles Hispaniae » Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:32 pm

These O’Neill’s parents were born in the Island of Barbados they settled in the Island of Viques, Puerto Rico.

Born in Puerto Rico Eugenio O’Neill b.1863, Guillermo O’Neill b.1894, Juan Antero O’Neill b. 1903, Joaquim O’Neill b. 1905, Demetria O'Neill b. 1896, Josefa O’Neill b. 1897, Eduardo O’Neill b. 1899, Gregoria O’Neill b.1904, Magdalena O’Neill b.1876, Eugenio O’Neill y Reyes b. 1898, Elena O’Neill y Reyes b. 1898-1902 .

Any info on these O'Neill's or any O'Neill's in Barbados i would be gald to hear from them .
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