EMSLIE ~ Jamaica

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EMSLIE ~ Jamaica

Postby Pam.L » Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:18 pm

Hi, looking for any information on the Emslie (sometimes Aimslie or Amslie) family in Jamaica. In particular, James Emslie, born there about 1791. He was living in Edinburgh, Scotland by 1809.
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Re: EMSLIE ~ Jamaica

Postby HarryE » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:06 pm

My great great great grandfather was James Emslie born in Jamaica about 1785. He married Sarah Staples or Stables on 24.3.1809 in Edinburgh. He died on 4.6.1861 in Canongate Charity Workhouse in Edinburgh. His daughter, Margaret, married William Cumming on 8.12.1833.

Is this information of help to you and do you know anything more about James Emslie. On his death certificate it states that his father's name was John Emslie and his mother's name is hard to make out but it looks like Rachel Scarlet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Edmund Johnston
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Re: EMSLIE ~ Jamaica

Postby Bill Craig » Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:11 pm

Hello Pam. I just registered on site. Hello also to Harry, who replied to you.

I have done a lot of research, as you know, on James Emslie. I have never been able to find the births/baptisms of any of James's children which is very perplexing. Has anyone found them?

I did a lot on John Emslie, who I think is James's half brother, and lived in Braemar, hoping to get more info on his Jamaican upbringing and when the brothers came to UK.

Get in touch again if you want the updated info. and let me know if you have any fresh info.

Bill Craig
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Re: EMSLIE ~ Jamaica

Postby Bill Craig » Sun May 25, 2014 7:19 pm

Hi - I have been working on the birth of James and John Emslie for a long time. This is what I think happened. The father , I believe, of both James and John, was a John Emslie who was Overseer at the Unity plantation/estate and also at the Content plantation/estate. John died Sept 14 1794. see Newspaper report. I am looking for more info on the plantations but have some already. see below.

I know that James Emslie's son was a convict sent to Australia and he is described as a half-caste. Lots more which shows James was in fact a quadroon as his christening record states. I have been trying to get information from the half brother John's descendants (John was the postmaster in Braemar) without success to see if they have any pictures which would show John's family's skin colour.

Royal Gazette September 20, 1794 Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies
DIED : Montego Bay, Sept. 13 - At Hampden Estate, last Wednesday, Mr. William Baillie; The day following, at Content Estate, Mr. John Emslie, overseer on that property, much respected.

(Note : There are several Content Estate in Jamaica. One is in St James.
J.H. Proctor 'Scottish Missionaries & Jamaican slaveholders' Slavery & Abolition Vol. 25, No. 1, April 2004, pp. 51-70: p. 51 Archibald Stirling was brother of a director of Scottish Missionary Society (William) who himself owned slaves on Content [see St James claim no. 176]. Rev. William Blyth was sent out to Jamaica in 1824 in response to Archibald Stirling's request.

Claim Notes
Parliamentary Papers p. 71.
T71/873: claim from William Stirling and Charles Stirling, of Scotland, as owner-in-fee.
Jamaica Almanac (1828): Content estate registered to William Stirling and Charles Stirling, with 341 enslaved persons.
Further Information
ColonyJamaica ParishSt James Claim No.176
Collected byMilne, AG of WLEwing and AGM
Associated Individuals (2)

William StirlingAwardee (Owner-in-fee)
Charles StirlingAwardee (Owner-in-fee)
People of Interest Margaret Dunbar ???? - 22nd Jun 1761
"Free quadroon woman" and mother of eleven children; independently wealthy, perhaps through legacies left her by her partners James Tierney (died 1784) and Ebenezer Robertson (died 1825).

Jamaica St James 178 (Content)
Claim Details & Associated Individuals
16th Nov 1835 | 4 Enslaved | £122 15S 6D

Claim Notes

Parliamentary Papers p. 71.

T71/873: claim from William Stirling, of Scotland, in right of his wife.

Further Information

ParishSt James
Claim No.178
Associated Individuals (1)

William StirlingAwardee
People of Interest
John Stewart 1789 - 14th Mar 1860
Possibly the first 'ethnic minority' MP to be elected (in 1832) to the House of Commons.
29 June 1792
Cornwall Chronicle
Flower Hillin 1794
Absconded from Unity Hall near Chatham, etc.. Any person giving etc. will be thankfully rewarded etc.. JOHN EMSLIE

Stirling family owned Hampden, Content, "Frontier" & "Keir" estates in St James & Trelawny.
The Stirlings were, and are, from Perthshire in Scotland, due to various Jacobite losses etc...they set up sugar plantations in Jamaica. The main one being "Hampden" owned by the Stirlings of Keir who also owned "Frontier" and a smaller estate "Keir". "Content" was owned by their cousins the Stirlings of Kippendavie & Kippenross, and inherited by William Stirling who may have also, owned for a time, "Friendship". My gt gt gt grandfather was born in Jamaica to his father William Stirling of "Content"(of the Kippendavie & Kippenross branch of the family). William had a long term relationship with his common law wife, who may have been known as Jeanne, before marrying Elizabeth Barrett of "Cinnamon Hill". Jeanne was a creole and they had a son Edward Stirling who is my gt gt gt grandfather. Edward Stirling was illegitimate, he didn't fit the social norm of the time due to his colour, however he returned to Scotland with the family, was educated in Scotland and as a grown man came to South Australia. He was a signigicant early pastoralist and politician. In 1855-61 he was in partnership with T.Elder, R.Barr Smith and John Taylor, as Elder, Stirling & Co, which financed the Wallaroo and Moonta copper mines. Appointed to the Legistative Council in 1855 he helped frame the Constitution and was a member of the new council in 1856-65. He died in London and Two South Australian towns bear his name. Edwards' father William Stirling was a principal member of the Glasgow, West India Association, which was "thoroughly in sympathy with with the humane and enlightened policy which had been formed for the suppression of the slave trade". Edward's Grandfather, John Stirling of Kippendavie & Kippenross was known to have bought slaves from their cousins so they could be given their freedom. One particular slave known as Charles was bought by John Stirling to free him, given a house and land on the Kippendavie estate in Perthshire, his descendants still live in the area to this day.

More information is available at http://www.clanstirling.org/ and http://www.casbah.ac.uk/search/freetext.stm.

I have lots more if anyone is interested.
Bill Craig
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