Esdaile, Alfred St. Kitts / Nevis

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Esdaile, Alfred St. Kitts / Nevis

Post by Monicae201 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:47 am

Hello, my name is Monica Esdaile...I am on here trying to locate information about my grandfather Alfred Esdaile who I believe was born in St Kitts/Nevis. He was also married to Mary F Hicks who is from either Mecklenburg, North Carolina or Mecklenburg, Virginia,together they had 6-7 children. I would really like to find out who are Alfred Esdailes parents, and if he has any brother's and sisters.

Alfred Esdaile was born April 7th, 1879, Died: Dec 9th, 1935, I believe he immigrated to New York between 1900-1905.

Mary F. Esdaile (Hicks) was born: Aug 8th, 1889, I believe past way early 1940's.

Recently found out Alfred/Mary were married Oct 12th, 1912...which I'm in the process of getting the marriage certificate.

This all started as a school project from my daughter years ago...which I'm determined to complete as my gift to her for when she gets old enough to understand and appreciate for when she has kids of her own. I'm very passionate about finding my ancestry, and finding myself inside them.


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Post by bimjim » Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:45 am

(For St. Kitts / Nevis possibly also surname Esdaille.)

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Re: Esdaile, Alfred St. Kitts / Nevis

Post by Badminton » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:38 pm

Both John and James Esdaile signed the Proclamation to the new King 23 September 1727 whilst on St. Kitts. If they were at Brimstone Hill they were possibly in the military.

ANTIGUA 1727 - 1755
BOX 59914
P.R.O. CO.152 NO.16
LDS FILM NO. 257776 (1818355)
Signed letter from Brimstone Hill, St. Christophers 23 September 1727 acknowledging new King, George 2nd.

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