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WILLIAMS - Antigua (?)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:20 pm
by Keishanae
I'm trying to get some info on my grandfather Peter Williams was born in 1932 I believe in Antigua - I was told that he's from Antigua, however as a small child his family relocated him to Brooklyn New York (still not sure if he was born in Antigua or US).

He was married to my grandmother but they had separated. All I know is he was born March 17th 1932 - again not sure if it was Antigua or Brooklyn NY - and died May 20th 1989 Brooklyn New York.

I was told that his parent was a seamstress with a shop in Brooklyn New York back in the thirties to the mid-fifties. My mother and her siblings told me that he had a heavy west indian accent but they don't remember him because the last time they saw him was when they were under 2 years old

If anybody has any information on how I can go about this or where to go it'll be appreciated thank you.

Also I have a SS#, but am unable to locate a Birth Certificate. Working on getting a Death Certificate.