LE JUEZ / LEJUEZ - Guadeloupe, Antigua

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LE JUEZ / LEJUEZ - Guadeloupe, Antigua

Postby Horus » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:49 pm


I'm a descendant of the Le Juez / Lejuez family.

The Le Juez family came from Normandie France to the Caribbean. The branch I descended from, Guilleaume le Juez, came to Guadeloupe around 1795 and went on board the Vaillante, which sailed (with the Décius) from Guadeloupe to Antigua. On it's way it encountered the British ship HMS Lapwing which defeated the French. Guilleaume le Juez survived the fight and didn't get captured, as far as I know, and stayed on Antigua where the his surname changed to Lejuez.

I'm looking for some information on people who came from France (escaped the French revolution?) and embarked on ships (as a soldier?). Also I'm looking for some historical details and facts. Hopefully someone can get me started with a good site to begin with.


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