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PIGOTT - Antigua

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:05 am
by cgpigott
Seeking any information about the descendants of Thomas PIGOTT and Mary PAYNTER who were married at St George's, Antigua, on 18 June 1735.
As far as I can determine, it appears that they had issue, including sons:
1. William PIGOTT (proved his father's will, 1759; buried at Falmouth Churchyard, March 1790; married at St John's, 1754, Susanna SEDGWICK, with possible issue).
2. Edmund Paynter PIGOTT (baptized at St John's, 5 Nov 1749; married Mary with issue); &
3. Richard Irvin PIGOTT (born 20 Nov 1752; married 1sly, St Phillip's, Antigua, 14 Aug 1777, to Mary Christiana HICKS, with issue).

Richard Hill PIGOTT was born in Jul 1780, son of Richard Irvin Mary PIGOTT; he died on 9 July 1829, & was buried at St John's; he was married on 12 December 1799, to Rachel LOUDEN or SEDGWICK (perhaps his 2nd wife); they had issue including two sons:
1. Richard PIGOTT (born 27 Dec 1801; died 6 Apr 1881; married at St John's, 31 Jul 1838, Annie Louise LAMPE, with issue); and
2. Thomas PIGOTT (born 21 Dec 1812; died Apr 1868; married 3 or 4 times, with issue by two of them, including a son by his last wife Margaret Baker REYNOLDS alias McNISH - Alexander Thomas Johnson PIGOTT, who was born in Antigua ca 1865, and emigrated to Australia).

Richard Albert Louden PIGOTT, born 1 Apr 1843, eldest son of Richard PIGOTT & Annie Louise LAMPE; manager of Fitche's Creek estate; died 1926; he had issue a large family by Henrietta Kate (Hettie) JACOB, including sons:
1. John Edward PIGOTT; married Sarah BEACH.
2. James Albert PIGOTT, born 1872; died 1967; married Florence Evelina DOUGAL.
3. Richard PIGOTT; married Millicent WILLOCK.
4. Thomas Arthur PIGOTT.
5. Charles Alexander PIGOTT, born 1882; died 1963; father of Mr George PIGOTT of Antigua (whose name was associated with a Shopping Mall in St John's, when I visited in 2004).
6. Samuel Isaac PIGOTT, born 1887.

Robert Thomas PIGOTT was born 14 Nov 1848, a younger son of Richard PIGOTT & Annie Louise LAMPE; he was a Clerk & a Merchant in Antigua; he died in 1928; married on 18 Dec 1873, Rosalind Esther GRANT, with issue, including sons;
1. Herbert Maurice PIGOTT, born 31 Oct 1880; Antigua Grammar School; Anglican Priest.
2. Raymond Gillis PIGOTT, born 13 Nov 1882; Antigua Grammar School, 1893; Imperial Cable Coy, Trinidad; died 1960; married St Kitts, 1913, Mildred ECCLES, with issue.
3. Harold Grant PIGOTT, born 20 Aug 1894; Antigua Grammar School, 1905; Ordained Anglican Minister; Archdeacon of St Vincent & St Lucia, 1929; Bishop of the Western Isles, 1902; C.B.E., 1969; died 1979.