= MyLife is a SCAM!!!

I suggest to you that is a SCAM. And that simply changing their business name to MyLife makes no difference whatosever. Read on inside, and please Post your experience here if you too have been SCAMmed. = MyLife is a SCAM!!!

Postby bimjim » Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:38 am

This email received 25 January, 2009...

REMEMBER, MyLife is STILL a SCAM - it is simply SCAMMER now under a different name!!

Do a search on the internet - any search engine - with the keywords "reunion" and "scam", and you will find THOUSANDS of reports of financial losses, scamming, cheating, payment for no services, etc., etc., etc. = MyLife = STILL A SCAM!!!

-- Is Becoming MyLife™!

America's #1 People Search Gets Even Better
Dear James,

As you may know, we outgrew our name a long time ago. What used to be a site primarily for reconnecting with classmates has quickly grown into the internet's most popular place to find anyone, anywhere — and it's about to get even better as it becomes!

With major advances coming in our People Search capabilities — along with some significant site enhancements — we'll make it easier than ever to find and stay connected with everyone who's important to you, wherever they may be.

What This Means for You

MyLife™ will deliver everything you're getting from — plus a whole lot more. And we've made sure this change — slated to occur as early as February 17th* — is absolutely seamless for you.
Your log-in info won't change. (Forgot your username or password? Just click here.)
Your profile, photos, and all other account info will automatically move to Any bookmarks or links to will also work — you'll just get directed to MyLife.
All of our Premium Benefits will carry over to MyLife, so it's as great a time as ever to upgrade. You'll get full access to and then the new!
MyLife will have an updated User Agreement and Privacy Policy, so please review these terms by clicking on the link for each. These terms are also posted at
You'll soon hear more about what's to come, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, take this opportunity to update your profile so you can get the most out of MyLife when it launches!

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Postby hill0788 » Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:13 pm

Instead of calling themselves "," they should have called themselves " :evil: "

Reunion still sends messages to my email account, but I have it fixed that they go right to my "Scam Box." I can just automatically delete them or wait a month and they are deleted by the the set up.

Beth Hill :D
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Re: = MyLife is a SCAM!!!

Postby bimjim » Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:57 pm

I see MyLife is once again advertising on TV across North America... if you get burned, you have been warned!!!
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