DNA research - Where do I start?

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DNA research - Where do I start?

Postby Jessie » Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:51 pm

I recently did my 23andme. My x chromosomes are both easy to define which are Scottish (or UK) and a mixture of things (including African). The one with African DNA also matches to some Dutch genetic cousins which leads me to believe that the X I got from my mother was her Dutch mother and not her French Canadian father.

That being said someone who knows more about the genetic research of genealogy said that I should check into the Dutch being in South America as a possible area that the African could have shown up from. I also have Spanish and Portuguese "cousins" and a some Iberian in there which could also lead to me having some South American/Dutch in me.

I have a lot of my Dutch family tree on paper done back to the early/mid 1700's and there are a lot of surnames.

What kind of things should I look for and where exactly do I start?

Thank you.
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