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How and where do you record your DNA results?`

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:54 pm
by bimjim
[PLEASE NOTE: This article was written by and taken from GeneTree. Its application is valid for any of the testing companies and any persons who have had their DNA tested for genealogy purposes.]

So you have the DNA results, how do you record the results and where?

You’ve given your sample, waited for the results, and now you know a little more about your own DNA. But now what?

The set of numbers that is your DNA profile is a record of your heritage. But, much like a key census record that gets filed in the wrong drawer and is never examined, if you don’t display your record for others to read, you may be missing out on important genealogical connections.

When you are tested by GeneTree your results are automatically entered into our searchable database. You can customize your privacy settings to determine how much information your matches can see. Once your results are posted to your account you can search and contact your matches using our email brokering service.

But having your results in GeneTree is only part of the puzzle. There are other free . databases where you create an . profile in order to give your results more exposure, and thereby give you a better chance of making that key connection.

You should enter your results at: (Y chromosome results) (mtDNA results)

Be sure to read the instructions on each website regarding converting your values from one lab to another, as ysearch will require you to change some of your GeneTree values to fit the standards in their database.

Additionally you can search the web for a DNA project focused on your surname by simply googling “(Your surname) DNA.”

You should also consider posting the news of your DNA research on genealogy boards and forums like:

As you get the word out and begin to collaborate with other researchers you will find that your DNA test results will open doors previously closed or hidden, and allow you to explore your past in new and exciting ways.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to perform these tasks yourself, GeneTree does offer a consultation service that can do all of this for you, as well as interpret your matches and produce a 25+ page report on the findings. Contact us about our Comprehensive DNA Report consultation for more details.