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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 2:31 pm
by bimjim
From all I have seen during my Googling, entering my results and searching for like-DNA'd family, I repeatedly see that the FamilyTreeDNA company has been doing DNA testing longer and more reliably than any other lab. In fact they have added free services, such as surname indexes and DNA databases, to help people connect.

They were also the original lab selected by the Genographic Project's to process their material, so if you started your DNA seach there you need not submit more material - they already have it. AND they offer you a discount on upgrading to whatever test you can afford - I went straight from the Genographic's 12 up to the 67-marker test.

I've also seen a number of private surname pages who accept ONLY tests from to be included in their research, naming it the most reliable. Click here to check them out...

Happy hunting!!

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