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For customers... Haplogroup H Offer

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:15 pm
by bimjim
From an email received... for existing For customers...


Subject: Haplogroup H Full Sequence Offer
From: "Family Tree DNA" <>
Date: Fri, March 14, 2008 4:51 pm

Dear Haplogroup H members,

Last year we offered a special to help people from within Haplogroup H--Europe's largest haplogroup by far and over 40% of our mtDNA test takers -- order the full mitochondria sequence. The response was beyond everyone's expectations. Today there are over 800 haplogroup H full sequences in the Family Tree DNA database.

Many of you have contacted us about that upgrade offer we made and expressed interest in participating if we extend this offer again. As a result of this popular demand and in recognition of the need to better delineate this haplogroup, Family Tree DNA is offering a temporary discount on the upgrade from HVR1 or HVR2 to Mega. From today through April 11th, H haplogroup members can order the upgrade for $361.

One of the primary benefits is that because it covers your entire mtDNA sequence, it is the last mtDNA test you'd ever need to order. As future research identifies further branching and subbranching within H, you will not have to have more testing done in order to find out where your own haplotype fits in. It also provides the potential for finding considerably higher resolution matches, who are related more recently than what HVR1/HVR2 can determine alone. For those of you with the resources and interest, we would highly recommend it.

The discounted price is $361 for any Haplogroup H or HV person to upgrade from HVR1 or HVR2. Orders must be place by an FTDNA staff member. You can initiate this process by either calling us at 713.868.1438 or by emailing

Please remember to have your kit number available if you call or please include your kit number if you e-mail Ashley.

Your Customer Support Team,

Family Tree DNA