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DOWSWELL - Jamaica, Manchester, Westmoreland, Happy Grove, +

PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:27 pm
by Flower
Abel Dowswell and Penelope Barnes Wright had the following children Thomas George 1833,Eliza A 1836-1870,Richard Osborne 1837-1877,James 1839, Edward 1842-1878,Charles 1843-1844,Ambrose H 1844-1869,Cecilia Anne 1845,Elizabeth 1846-1855,John Hawley1847- 1878.Abel may have fathered another boy with Ann Lozanne his name is Alexander Dowswell 1849.Abel left Jamaica in approx.1852.He held 120 acers in Brampton. Edward married Margaret Biggerstaff they had the following children Jane Eveline 1864,Richard Osborn 1868,William Helps 1869,Lauretta Maud 1872,John Steibel 1875.Ambrose married Mary ? his second wife was Nancy Shirley 1850.Their kids James Gilbert 1871,Henrietta 1874.Cecilia married Henry Palmer 1845 their kids are Lucas Amos 1875,Louisa 1878,Maria 1880,Beatrice 1882,and another child born 1886 we have no name.Elizabeth had a relationship with Frederick Reid that produced Teddy Martelli 1872,James Nathaniel 1873.We have reason to believe Abel was a Free Mason.