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Seeking DABRON - UK, Antigua, Guyana, Jamaica

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:27 am
by Abygail
Hi everyone,

I know what a challenge research for this part of the world can be, so thought I would make the enquiry to the membership first.

I'm looking for anything re Arthur Dabron and potentially his wife Catherine from early to mid 1700's in Antigua. Allegedly he was an assistant? Provost Marshal on the island. Somehow or other there is a record of his marriage in Middlesex UK, children born in and about Co Durham and subsequent generations.

It is a mystery re his origins, a family tale claims the Dabron's came from France - but if he was on an English held island and worked as a Provost Marshel I feel that story can be tossed out the window or at least for him, maybe a few generations prior to his birth and I'm not holding out much hope in tracing that far back.

While researching another ancestor from Berbice and Jamaica I did find records in the Liverpool Archives which were of use to me. Any suggestions on where family papers pertaining to Families on Antigua may be deposited?