DENNIE - St. Vincent, Chateaubelair

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DENNIE - St. Vincent, Chateaubelair

Postby Dennie » Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:28 pm

My name is Frances Dennie and I am looking for relatives. My grandmother's name was Joyce B. Dennie, born on January 1st, 1893.

My father, Alison Leroy Dennie, was born on October 2, 1925 in Chateaubelair and he was registered by David Dennie.

My grandmother also had a brother named Frederick Giles Dennie. I don't know my father's father or any other relatives from that time period.

Any information would be appreciated.
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Re: DENNIE - St. Vincent, Chateaubelair

Postby ctelfer » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:45 pm

I have on my tree a Flora Isabel DENNIE from Chateaubelair married John Sandford DURRANT (b. 1880) at the Chateaubelair Weslyan Church in 1919. They had one daughter, Doris Louise DURRANT b. 1920. John S. DURRANT migrated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1921 and his wife and daughter followed shortly after. Sadly, Doris L. DURRANT died on Oct. 8, 1923 aged 3y 3m 24 d. from pulm. tuberculosis. There is little record of Flora and John together after that. John lived alone for a while then disappeared from record as well.

David A. DENNIE is listed as the father of Flora Isabel DURRANT, nee DENNIE on the passenger list of Flora's arrival in the US. Flora and her daughter left St. Vincent, sailed to Demerara, Guyana then to St John, New Brunswick Canada before finally arriving in Boston in 1923. Flora's aged is stated as being 24 years of age.
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Re: DENNIE - St. Vincent, Chateaubelair

Postby Loviniarose » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:29 pm

I read your post and wonder if my grandfather could have been related to you. My grandfather's name was Vernon Claude Dyer and he came from Chateaubelair. He was born in November 1898 and his mother name was Octavia Robertha Samuel.

As far as his children knew his surname was Dyer but years later when they were well into adulthood he one day told them that his surname was Denny which his children refused to acknowledge so the Denny surname has never been used by the family.

My grandfather left St. Vincent about the 1920's and lived in Trinidad where he got married to a Vincentian woman and had children with her. My grandmother was a Ash from Lowmans Hill.

My great grandmother Octavia Samuel also had another son called Peter who I believe had the same father as my grandfather and a daughter name Estella. Estella's father surname was Haddaway.
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