DALY / KIRNON / DUBERRY - Montserrat

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Re: DALY / KIRNON / DUBERRY - Montserrat

Post by Pamela » Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:33 pm


I am one of the great-great granddaughters of Patrick and Sita Boatswain of Montserrat. Patrick and Sita had many sons and daughters. Two of their sons are Timothy Boatswain and Samuel Boatswain.

Timothy married a lady by the name of Sabina Susanna Daly. Samuel Boatswain married a lady by the name of Katie Meade. Samuel and Katie had a daughter, her name was Ellen (Helen) Boatswain and she was my grandmother, she married John Douglas Riley my grandfather. I don't know if these are any relations to you, but it may be worth looking into. All are from Montserrat.


Pam Riley Bassett-Carmalt

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