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DOUGLIN, Barbados

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:15 pm
by Margaret
I am interested in connecting with all people with the Douglin or Doughlin surname or anyone who knows someone with this surname. My great grandfather was the Rev. Canon Philip Henry Douglin, born in 1845 in St. Andrew's Parish, Barbados to John Christopher and Margaret Douglin. P.H. Douglin married Mary Lucretia Morgan, also from Barbados. He studied at the Mission House at Codrington College and then worked as a missionary for 19 years with the Rio Pongo Mission in West Africa. He and his wife had several children: Margaret Henrietta Philippa, Mary Rosetta, Ernest Christopher, Gladys, and Frank Hugh Robert. P.H. Douglin was forced to resign from his missionary work due to illness and was offered a post in Trinidad as Rector of St. Clement's Church in Naparima. He participated in the Jubilee of Emancipation Celebrations of 1888. Canon Douglin is credited with having translated into the Soso language parts of the Old Testament, the entire New Testament, The Book of Common Prayer and a Reading Book. He died in 1902.