SAMUEL - 14 St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain Trinidad in 1899

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SAMUEL - 14 St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain Trinidad in 1899

Postby eva » Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:29 pm


I am looking to find any information regards to the address 14 St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, in and around 1899. Was it a home? Who owned it? Anyone else recorded as living there? etc.

This address is recorded as the place of birth for my grandfather, Henry Stephen. No last name or father was recorded. He was born on January 26th 1899 and baptised at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity on April 14th 1899. His mother's name was Beatrice SAMUEL. A Clarence DARIUS, Leopold (surname illegible), Alice AARON and Alice PRYCE are listed in the "Sponsors or Witnesses" column. I have no idea if these were relatives or housemates. The Officiating Minister was A.J. SMITH

As an adult Henry Stephen went by the surname MASON. However, I have not found proof that this was indeed his father's surname. It did list on his birth record that the occupation of his father was O.D. Mason. :?:


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