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CAMPBELL, 1867 shipwreck of "The Duke" - Barbuda

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:13 am
by clancam
On the 1st January 1867 the ship "The Duke" ON15028 was wrecked on the island of Barbuda. My ancestor, John Campbell was the Captain, and he and all the crew survived the tragedy.

I am searching for information about this.

The ship's actual name -- was it "The Duke" or "The Duke of "? (eg, Cambridge,Richmond etc.)

Was there an inquiry re the loss or responsibly of the captain or owners?

Was the captain able to continue working as a sea captain or perhaps downgraded to a Mate?

The captain did appear in the 1871 UK Census with his family however I can find no trace of any work by my ancestor after that date.

Hope to hear some news.