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Colonial Caribbean-Canadian connection...

PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:52 pm
by bimjim
Colonial Caribbean-Canadian connection...

There is another vague Caribbean connection to Canada in that Sir James Douglas, the first Governor, had a Guyana connection - the suggestion is that his mother was Guyanese. Of course, the men from the Colonial Office were the same men responsible for the West Indian colonies.

This site was just launched last month -

Here is the description:

This digital archive contains the original correspondence between the British Colonial Office and the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. This project aims to digitize and publish a complete archive of the correspondence covering the period from 1846 leading to the founding of Vancouver Island in 1849, the founding of British Columbia in 1858, the annexation of Vancouver Island by British Columbia in 1866, and up to the incorporation of B.C. into the Canadian Federation in 1871.

All the material on this site originates in the work of Dr. James Hendrickson and his team of collaborators at the University of Victoria, which resulted in the publication of 28 print volumes of correspondence several years ago.

The link again...