To Researchers-for-hire: Please read...

Contact information posts by Researchers, only, please.
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To Researchers-for-hire: Please read...

Post by bimjim » Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:05 pm

1. First, please respect the Primary Rule here - DO NOT POST ANY EMAIL ADDRESSES IN PUBLIC. You may pass email addresses privately by PM, however.

Reason: I will NOT be held responsible for your receiving so much SPAM that you have to change your address. At 6,000 SPAM a day (and rising) I have been there, and I will not contribute to you or anyone else being there.

2. Please prefix your Subject line with the location of research. In other words, put the island/country name ahead of your Subject/Title here.

3. Please feel free to list your street address and telephone number/s, however, so that it is not necessary for people to register here to use your services. Again, you may NOT list your email address.

4. I offer any researcher a FREE email contact form which hides the real destination address from prying eyes or SPAMmer software "spiders". So there is no barrier to listing here - you will not receive automated SPAM from this source (although there are some persistent idiots who use my own contact form to type it all in and send me SPAM anyway - but those are very few, immediately recogniseable, and are very manageable with the "Delete" button).

5. Be aware that I do NOT require any commissions or fees for your activities, either for listing or in your business. This resource is FREE to everyone, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

6. Thank you for offering your services. If you also wish to be listed (also free) in my Caribbean Genealogy Resources pages (listed by country), please send me a PM and make that request. You may use the form described in #4 above to initiate contacts from there, too.

That's it. Please contact me using my own form to get started...

Jim Lynch


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