Aquart, Tivy: Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica

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Aquart, Tivy: Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica

Postby caquart » Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:05 pm

Researching the following names:

Aquart: Grenada and Saint Lucia. Do the names Peter Francis Aquart (wives Colina Campbell and Jane Purcell), Dr. Modeste Aquart, Jules Aquart (wife Sarah Victoria), Louis Aquart sound familiar to you? They all have a connection to St. John or St. George Grenada.

Saint Lucia and Bequia: Do the names Jean Marie Aquart (wife Marie Catherine Coulon), Francois Aquart (wife Marie Josephe), Jean Marie Aquart fils (wife Marie Charlotte Adelaide Aquart), Joseph Raymond Aquart (wife Elizabeth Plant), Jean Baptiste Aquart (wife Josephine Polixene LaPorte), Charlest St. Luce Aquart (wife Josephine Plant), Marie Francoise Charlotte (husband Pierre Jean Marie Marucheau) sound familiar? They all have a connection to St. Lucia and Bequia.

Tivy: Jamaica. Looking for descendants of Philip Ryder Tivy, St. Leger Tivy (died 1930) and Charles Payne Tivy, all sons of Dr. Philip Ryder Tivy of County Cork, Ireland. Particularly interested in Philip Ryder Tivy who lived in Vere/Clarendon possibly in the Milk River area. The Tivy "boys" arrived in Jamaica in the 1860s. Names connected to the Tivys include: Aquart, Eby, McGrath, Martin, Pearce, Gelbach, Shaw, Sheldon, Burke.

Any information welcome.
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