Joseph, Alexander,Hosten,Noel,Alexis

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Joseph, Alexander,Hosten,Noel,Alexis

Postby yvonne emanuel » Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:05 pm

:D Hi Surname group,

I am copying and pasting email discussions RE: Subject As Above.
Start at the bottom and work your way up. Yvonne

Last entry from Daphne to me:

You've been busy cuzin'. Thanks for your offer of sharing the information. I know it takes times a lot of time to read those films and more to copy down information and even more to transfer to a CD. I think the only problem may the limit to size of file that can be attached. But if you can send them, it would be wonderful.

I think it's really interesting to see how the information was recorded.

We all share so many names.....I hope one day we can fit all of these pieces together.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who uses a magnifying glass !!!


> Good morning cuzin' Daphne, Yes, I did.
> I would like your opinion... Last night I copied 'screens of interest'
> to a CD and wonder if I should send them as attachments like I did the
> one document I sent a few weeks ago. I would say that they are
> about...6-8 maybe more.
> These files are of surnames: ALEXANDER, HOSTEN, JOSEPH, ALEXIS and NOEL.
> The above names are of interest to many.
> Eustace LaMotte's mother was an "ALEXIS"
> Eric Rose's family are "HOSTEN and JOSEPH". (Eric Rose is related to
> the BELFONS), my (G)grandmother Catherine BELFON-LA MOTTE.
> Aunt Muriel's mother was an "ALEXANDER".
> Peter LaMotte's wife Clemintina was a "NOEL". Clementina was the wife
> who found out that her husband had fathered two children (Dorcus and
> Oliver) in the village with two women. Both children were born on the
> SAME day 30 June 1905.
> Clementina NOEL-LAMOTTE left Grenada with her children (Albert and
> Cyl) and raised them in Trinidad. Peter's brother Edgar LAMOTTE took
> the two little ones and raised them with his children in Trinidad
> where he worked for Briton Oil. So... Clementina is a NOEL and related
> to Maureen, Doreen and Keith.
> Many are marriages (m), some are listed because the witness (wit) is
> of interest. The next set of baptismal documents may not even be
> legible. I printed the screen so if you would like to see it. I will
> include it. I hope that when I move to the overhead document reader
> that the entries will come through with the help of a handheld
> magnifying glass I use.
> Yvonne
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> From: LaMotte
> On Behalf Of Daphne Daifas
> Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 8:00 AM
> To: LaMotte
> Subject: [LAMOTTE family of Grenada] Re: Tree trackin'
> Good morning Choli,
> Did you have fun last night?
>> I'm already tired as you can see by my posting but I'm going anyway.
>> Where's my caffeine?
>>>> I amReturning to the family center at 7:00PM
>> Last night was good
>> gathering. It takes time though. I created a sheet that looks like
>> the regidtry... And left a column for notes. I'll accept all suggestions.
>> Yvonne E. Emanuel
DeLaMotte, LaMotte, LaMothe, Belfon,Pollard, Moore (Grenada, Panama. Barbados St Lucia)...Agusta Moore and Mr. Pollard ,Barbados, moved to St. lucia had 4 or 5 children one named Roselind Pollard born 1898. married a Louis LaMotte Jr. in Panama
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