La Motte,De LaMOtte, Belfon,Moore, Pollard, Pienada, Emanuel

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La Motte,De LaMOtte, Belfon,Moore, Pollard, Pienada, Emanuel

Postby yvonne emanuel » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:08 pm

Good afternoon,
My family names are as follows:
De LaMotte, LaMotte, La Mothe,Belfon
Panama: La Motte, Emanuel, Pollard, Moore, Pienada (spelling)
St Lucia/ Barbados : Pollard, Moore
Trinidad: La Motte, LaMothe
Canada: La Motte, LaMothe
New York: La Motte

My Tia married a Whyte from Panama. anyinfo to assist my cousin would be greatful.
Goding back to the LDS Family Center tonight to do research.
I'm excited. Last week I found Belfons in Grenada 1875
They are probably linked to my paternal ggm Catherine Belfon (Grenada) and cousin Eric Roes (deceased) NJ).
The family name was originally De La Motte shortened to La Motte then 'phonetically' spelled' LaMothe.
I know... I'll be here for a while.
DeLaMotte, LaMotte, LaMothe, Belfon,Pollard, Moore (Grenada, Panama. Barbados St Lucia)...Agusta Moore and Mr. Pollard ,Barbados, moved to St. lucia had 4 or 5 children one named Roselind Pollard born 1898. married a Louis LaMotte Jr. in Panama
yvonne emanuel
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