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ROLL CALL - Caribbean

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:06 pm
by SteveB
Researching the following Barbados/Guyana/Antigua surnames:

HONYCHURCH Barbados, Devon-UK
THOMAS Barbados
GRANT Barbados, Antigua, Brixham-Devon-UK
FORTE Barbados
BLANK Guyana
OLTON Barbados, Guyana
NEBLETT Barbados
WEEKES Barbados
LESLIE Barbados
GITTENS Barbados
HYATT Barbados
ESTWICK Barbados
WALKER Barbados
BROOK Barbados
DENSEY Barbados
DASH Barbados
WEBB Barbados
REEVE Barbados, Brixham-Devon-UK
MCLEAN Barbados
LANDRY Barbados
YEARWOOD Barbados, Guyana