Three Years Too Late

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Three Years Too Late

Postby MargoMcP » Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:58 am

In 2007 I was contacted through e-mail by a professional researcher in Australia. They had a sixteen year old boy who had drowned in 1855 with the surname I was researching and she was looking for "kin". The cemetery where he had lain all this time had been severely damaged in a storm and they were exhuming and reburying everyone and they wanted to get in touch with relatives out of respect to see if they'd attend the ceremony. She and I worked for a month or more and found tantalizing similarities such as a St. Kitts connection, but no match. I didn't know enough yet.

Just last month I was contacted by my double fourth cousin. I knew about him, slightly, but he didn't know my line existed. He had a wealth of information to offer, not as much as I had :-) and now we're working together. The "double fourth" is because my great great grandparents married his great great grandparents, both husband and wife; in other words, sisters married brothers. What that means is going back just one more generation, we're totally together from there on back.

Two weeks ago, I found the will of our great great great grandfather and much to our surprise, there was a third son. Neither of us had ever heard of him and could not find any trace. And then, yesterday, I was reading an old post of mine from a message board I infrequently frequent and there was my attempts to find relatives of this poor drowned boy and it was the son of my 4th cousin's and my great great grandfathers' brother. The researcher in Australia had given me all the facts in 2007 but I was still too ignorant about my family. My poor first cousin, 3 times removed had already been buried "alone" again.

I've gotten in touch with that researcher again and will see if I can make a donation to the group that did the research/fixing of the cemetery.
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