Prior/Rowe and the linkage with St Kitts

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Prior/Rowe and the linkage with St Kitts

Postby MarjorieS » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:49 pm

As part of my genealogy I have a Gt.x2 grandmother who came from a mariner family named Rowe whose home was close to Falmouth in Cornwall U.K.
Margery Hannah Rowe was a schoolmistress, probably in Truro before her marriage to Charles Prior, a ship's carpenter.
Sometime after 1851 the family sailed for Chile where Charles worked in Lota in the mining industry. Sadly he met a violent death and Margery, writing about that time says she returned to teaching both in Valparaiso and in St. Kitts.
I am puzzled that she went to St Kitts, Perhaps she had relatives or friends there.
A few years later, having married one of her daughters to a Captain Benson who sailed around South America via Cape Horn and also up the E. coast of N.America his ship was lost as they journeyed around the Horn.
Margery purchased a ship for him which she called the Mary Rowe.
I wonder if any information exists about her, or perhaps others in her family or circle of friends, in St Kitts or other Islands?
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