History of the O'Neill's of Puerto Rico

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History of the O'Neill's of Puerto Rico

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There were many O’Neill’s in the Caribbean especially the O’Neill’s Counts of Tyrone of the Aodh Mór mac Feardorcha Ó Néill line. Who lived in the Spanish Netherlands Don Patrick O'Neill was born in Spanish Netherlands (modern day Belgium) in 1622 and given the courtesy title of Count of Tyrone in deference to his father's title which was taken upon the death of Hugh O'Neill in Rome 1616. Patrick O'Neill and his cousin Eoghan Rua Ó Néill, anglicized as Owen Roe O'Neill (c. 1590–1649) "Red Owen", was a seventeenth century soldier and one of the most famous of the O'Neill family of Ulster O'Neill was the son of Art O'Neill, a younger brother of Hugh O'Neill, 2nd Earl of Tyrone . As a young man, left Ireland in the Flight of the Earls to escape the English conquest of his native Ulster. He grew up in the Spanish Netherlands and spent 40 years serving in the Irish regiment of the Spanish army. He saw most of his combat in the Eighty Years' War against the Dutch Republic in Flanders, notably at the siege of Arras, where he commanded the Spanish garrison. O'Neill was, like many Gaelic Irish officers in the Spanish service, very hostile to the English Protestant presence in Ireland. Both cousins returned to Ireland during the Irish Rebellion of 1641 to fight in the Irish Confederate Wars. Owen Roe O'Neill was poisoned by the Cromwell supporters and died in 1649. Patrick O'Neill left Ireland and took loyalty and arms for the King of France and moved his family to the Island of Martinique there they lived for 200 years. In the 1641 Irish Rebellion Sir Henry O'Neill remained loyal to the English crown while his sons and brothers played a prominent part in the 1641 Irish Rebellion, resulting in the confiscation his lands were divided up among a number of Cromwellian settlers ; the chief beneficiary was Thomas Ball whose various grants totalled more than 6,000 acres. Sir Henry O'Neill was banished to Connaught , Ireland . Where he was awarded a estate in Co. Mayo, Ireland. His son Henry O'Neill (Enrique O'Neill) in 1755 the 99 years lease on his lands in Meelick, Carrowrory and Carrowconnell expired. Henry (Enrique) O'Neill and his wife Hanna O'Kelly , the daughter of counselor John O'Kelly of Keenagh, Co. Roscommon moved his family to Spain about 1758. In the result of a James Knox of Moyne of Killala, Co. Mayo took steps against O’Neill’s to confiscate his lands. During the Cromwell and the English Protestant labored to give war with the policy of extermination of the Irish. The inhuman methods of selling Irish have slaves to plantation owners in the Leeward Islands especially Monseratte and other British governed Islands. The Leeward Islands lie east of Puerto Rico this gave the perfect opportunity for the veterans of the Irish wars and Spanish Regiments who had fought in the Spanish Netherlands to exact revenge. Sometimes allied with French troops the attacked the British colonies most of the time resulting in the extermination of English plantation owners and the native inhabitants in these Islands.

The English controlled the island of St. Croix until 1650. In that year the Spanish sent a fleet of 5 ships and 1,200 men to St. Croix from Puerto Rico and slaughtered every man, woman and child. After only 15 years of domination, the English were ousted. History shows that the O’Neill’s had previous knowledge of the Islands with the names of Rocco , Eammon, Constatino or Conn the name possibly referring to Conn O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone, Eoghan, Edmundo & Gill these were men who first in the Ultonia and Hibernia regiments for the Crown of Spain sometimes allied with the French to eliminate the English from these Islands.

Most O'Neill's of Puerto Rico families have for many generations resided in the districs of Hato Nuevo, Mamey and Sonadora of the city of Guaynabo located on the Northern coast of the Island of Puerto Rico. Other O'Neill families also have settled in the city of Rio Piedras and the city of Caguas. These O'Neill families have produce a few mayors in their respected cities.

1849 Arturo O'Neill, Mayor of Bayamon.

1851- 1852 Felix O'Neill, Mayor of Bayamon.

1852 Arturo O'Neill, Mayor of Toa Alta.

1853 Arturo O'Neill, Mayor of Toa Baja.

1854 Felix O'Neill, Mayor of Caguas.

1854-1856 Felix O'Neill , Mayor of Ponce.

1867 Enrique O'Neill, Mayor of Ponce.

The origin of the O'Neill's of Puerto Rico.

In 1755 the 99 years lease on his lands in Meelick, Carrowrory and Carrowconnell expired. Henry (Enrique) O'Neill and his wife Hanna O'Kelly , the daughter of counsellor John O'Kelly of Keenagh, Co. Roscommon moved his family to Spain about 1758. They became the parents of Don Arturo O'Neill de Tyrone born in 1736 Dublin, Ireland. Latter known by the title of the 1st Marques Del Norte and Governor of the Yucatan in 10.03.1792. The successor of Don Jose Sabido de Vargas. Named Governor of West Florida and named into the Supreme Council of War of Spain (replacing Governor Miguel de Uztaraiz). His brother Lieutenant. Colonel. Niall 'Nicolas' O'Neill O'Kelly was b. 1734 died at Saragossa,Spain. Don Tulio O'Neill O'Kelly married Catherine O'Keffe y Whalen and became the parents of Arturo O'Neill O'Keffe and Tulio O'Neill O'Keffe. Don Tulio O'Neill O'Keffe was born in St. Croix in 1784. He became a General and won many distinctions during the Peninsular War. He married Manuela de Castilla the daughter of a Spanish Nobel. They became parents of Don Juan Antonio Luis O'Neill born in 1812 who married Dona Luisa de Salamanca. He latter inherited his mothers titles in 1847. Marques de la Granja, Marques de Caltojar, Count of Benajiar and Marques de Valdeosera (d.1877). From then on they are known as the O'Neill's of the Fews of Seville. Don Arturo O'Neill O'Keffe was born 1783 in St. Croix. Became Lieut. Colonel in 17.08.1828 in Bayamon , Puerto Rico. A Knight of the Royal Order of King Carlos the 3rd of Spain and 2nd Marques del Norte. He died in Sept 7, 1832 and is buried in the Roman Catholic Church of Frederichriste , Saint Croix (Santa Cruz). He was married to Joanna Chabert Heyliger on April 19, 1802 in St. Croix.

The decendants of Don Arturo O'Neill O'Keffe

Tulio Luis O'Neill y Chabert b. 17.06.1808 in St.Croix.

Arturo O'Neill y Chabert b. 25.08.1820 in Loyza, Puerto Rico baptized in Loyza, Puerto Rico 07.09.1821.

Micaela Ulpiana O'Neill y Chabert b. 03.04.1825 in Puerto Rico baptized has the daughter of the Marques del Norte in San Juan ,Puerto Rico.

Gonzalo O'Neill y Chabert b. 20.08.1829 Rio Piedras , Puerto Rico baptized in 31.03.1830 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Arturo Eustasio O'Neill Andino born in San Juan, Puerto Rico 29.03.1857.

Arturo O'Neill Abajo born in Madrid circa 1890 died 3.012.1936 .

Arturo O'Neill Pecino died at the age of 17 in 1.03.1937

Diego Arturo Ricardo Próculo O'Neill Pecino. born in 14.04.1922.

Arturo César O'Neill de Tyrone Daneyko born in Oviedo, Asturias, 9.10.1950

Carlos O'Neill Pecino

Margarita O'Neill Pecino

Africa O'Neill Pecino

Miguel O'Neill Pecino

Luis O'Neill Pecino

María del Rosario Magdalena O'Neill Abajo born in San Juan,Puerto Rico 22.07.1895.

From this O'Neill family line descends the true O'Neill Mór and Chief of the O'Neill's.

El 6 de diciembre de 1816, el sobrino del I Marqués del Norte, también llamado D Arturo O'Neill solicitó al rey se le expidiese la correspondiente carta de sucesión tras haber tomado posesión del vinculo ante D Joaquin Almazán del Consejo de S. M. y teniente corregidor en Madrid el día anterior según testimonio del escribano de Madrid, Antonio Lopez de Salazar. Previa la expedición de la real carta de sucesión pagó 20,361 reales y 3 maravedis por los derechos sucesorios.

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