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by Mark Layne
Seeking information on the Culpeper family in Antigua-Bedgebury Estate


Culpepper / Cullpepper / Cullpeper

Re: CULPEPER Antigua

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:26 pm
by Badminton
There was also a Rev George Culpeper Anglican Minister in Anguilla around 1848, he was assisting with burials in 1828.

Descendants of Armel H Pollard Culpeper

1 Armel H Pollard Culpeper b: Bef. 1805 of Crocus Bay, Valley Division, Anguilla. d: Aft. May 9, 1841
. +Mary Ann b: Bef. 1809 of Crocus Bay, Valley Division, Anguilla.
..... 2 Charles Cummins Culpeper b: Bef. August 16, 1829 of Crocus Bay, Anguilla.
..... 2 Sarah Ann Culpeper b: Bef. November 13, 1831 of Valley Division, Anguilla.
..... 2 Matilda? Culpeper b: Bef. October 1833 of Valley Division, Anguilla.
..... 2 Margaret Steward Culpeper b: Bef. February 5, 1837 of Valley Division, Anguilla.

The following are notes for Armel HP Culpeper above taken from Anguilla archives:
Anguilla 18 May 1830
No. 345. - Mariche Richardson versus Joseph Derrick.
Defendant pleads the General Issue.
Plaintiff enters similiter.
Jury sworn: John B Morris, foreman; Armel H P Culpeper, Jonathan H Hodge, Coakley E Lake, Thomas Rogers, Richard Rogers, John C Lake, Solomon R Carty, William Harris, Peter R Harrigan, Arthur Bryan, John W Chittick.
Witness sworn for plaintiff: John Lake.
Witness sworn for defendant: Benjamin Richardson.

18th May 1830
The Gentlemen Jurors of the jury upon their oath do say we find for the defendant.
Judgement entered agreeably to verdict.
At a Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas held by adjournment in and for said island at the dwelling house of Benjamin A Hodge in the Road Division this 16th day of June 1830.
No. 356. - Benjamin A Hodge versus William Benjamin Richardson.
Witness sworn for plaintiff: Armel H P Culpeper.
Judgement entered by default for the sum of eighty pounds current gold or silver money.
Anguilla Court Records 20 March 1835
Indictment: The King versus John Carter.
Anguilla, to wit,
The Jurors for our Lord the King upon their oath present that John Carter an apprenticed labourer belonging to the estate of the late Richard Carter of the said island of Anguilla, on the seventeenth day of December in the fifth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord, William the fourth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King etc. with force and arms at the Spring Division of the said island of Anguilla, one calf of the value of five pounds of current money of the goods and chattels of Elizabeth Rogers, then and there being found feloniously did steal, take and carry away against the peace of our said Lord the King his crown and dignity.
Signed: James H Lake, Clerk to the Court.
The Grand Jury's Return, A True Bill, signed: William Carty, foreman for himself and fellows.
Witnesses sworn to give evidence to the Grand Jury: Arthur Bryan, Merote Hodge.

Prisoner being brought up and arraigned upon the foregoing indictment pleaded thereto, not guilty and for his trial put himself upon God and his country and similiter was entered on the part of the Crown.
Whereupon came Armel H P Culpeper, foreman, and his fellows, Samuel H Gumbs, Joseph Carty, John Rogers, Benjamin Hodge, Richard Roberts, Solomon R Carty, Thomas Carty senior, John Lake junior, George Haws, Peter A Hodge, Arthur Carty, who were summoned and impannelled by the Deputy Provost Marshall to try all such matters and issues as should be given them in charge and being charged with this issue brought in the following verdict:
March the 20th 1835
The Gentlemen Jurors of the jury upon their oath do say, we find the prisoner guilty.
Signed: A H P Culpeper, foreman for himself and fellows.
Prisoner prayed the benefit of Clergy which being granted by the Court he was remanded to prison.
NO. 529
In the name of God, Amen.
I, John French, of the island aforesaid, President, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding, do make, publish and declare the following as and for my last Will and Testament, [-] revoking all former and other Wills at any time heretofore made or published by me.
I give and bequeath all my real and personal estate in the island of Anguilla and otherwise of what nature and kind forever unto my wife, John Louisa and Arthur Rogers, my executor and executrix in trust [-] as conveniently may be, by public sale or otherwise to sell and dispose of as much of my real or personal estate as may be sufficient for the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my last Will.
And subject thereto I give and bequeath to my said wife, John Louisa, for her sole use and benefit all my property of whatever nature or kind soever, and book debts or otherwise.
And I hereby appoint my said wife, John Louisa, and my trusty friend, Arthur Rogers of this island to be my executor and executrix to his my last Will and Testament.
In witness whereof I have

In left margin: "No. 529 entered and registered on Wednesday 24th of May 1865. Signed: Joseph P C Lake, Registrar.

set my hand and seal to two pages of this my last Will and this ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one.
Signed: John French.
Signed, sealed and delivered and published and declared by the said John French as and for his last Will and Testament in our presence who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our hands as witnesses, A H P Culpeper, William Harris, G Alsbury.

In Ordinary
Before His Excellency, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor.
Personally appeared William Harris who being duly sworn maketh oath that he together with A H P Culpeper and George Alsbury was present and did see John French, the Testator in the annexed Will mentioned, sign, publish and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament and that the name or signature, John French, set and subscribed thereto is the person executing the same and the names or signatures A H P Culpeper, William Harris, G Alsbury, set and subscribed thereto as the witnesses attending the execution thereof are of the respective proper handwriting of them the said John French, A H P Culpeper, G Alsbury and the deponent.
Signed: William Harris.
Sworn before me this 29th day of April 1848, R I Mackintosh, Ordinary.