CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

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CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby snowgirl » Tue Jan 02, 2007 3:59 pm

Catherine Turner seeking information on family of JOHN CASSIS, Kingston. Born abt 1830? Marriages: Christina Breckenridge 1858 (died 1880), then married Susan Brown.

Two children (female) with Breckenridge, then two boys (John Madison and Arthur Oliver Cromwell) with Susan Brown. John Cassis had 1 known brother (Cromwell). Son John Madison emigrated to Canada 1912 and married Fanny Stevens (children Sylvia, Mary, Ethel, John Jr., June, Victor), all of Toronto area. Sylvia (Cassis) Turner is my mother in law.

Arthur Oliver Cromwell emigrated to New York State before 1910 and raissed family in Queens???

Any information about John Cassis parentage in Jamaica before 1850 is greatly appreciated.
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Re: CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby kewbird » Mon Jan 29, 2007 3:48 pm

Hi Catherine. Dorothy Kew replying to your post. I am the great niece of Susan Saunders Brown, the second wife of John Cassis. John was the son of Pedro Nolasco Cassis and his wife Marie Louise Garel. I do not have a marriage date for these two, nor a birth date for John. whom I estimate was born about 1839. There was also a brother, Joseph Cassis, born about 1845. According to what I've found Pedro Nolasco Cassis was from Sainte Domingue so it's possible that the two sons were born there.

John married Christiana Augusta Breckenridge 3 March 1858, and they had 5 children. Christiana died of cancer, aged 40, on 5 September 1880. John married Susan Brown, who was then aged 23 (he was 44) on 17 October 1883, and they had four children.

I would like the opportunity to speak to you some time about the family. When I first came to Canada in 1960 I did make contact but I'm afraid I didn't keep it up, and would like to know how the rest of the family is keeping, as they were cousins of my mother. I live in Burlington, Ontario, and my phone number is (905) 631-9060.
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Re: CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby snowgirl » Tue Jan 30, 2007 9:17 pm

Thank you so much for replying Dorothy! Never did I ever believe I'd get a reply. It certainly seems like we are on the same family track! We live just north of Toronto in Schomberg but I'm in the Mississauga/Burlington area frequently. I'm delighted that the family connection is within driving distance! My phone number at home is 905-939-7817. I have taken your number and will certainly give you a call. Three of John Cassis's grandchildren (including my mother in law who's 92) are still living in the Toronto area and there are now - as you might expect - many great and great-great grandchildren! Putting a more comprehensive family tree together for the family has become an exciting task for me. Your information on Pedro Nolasco Cassis and Marie Louise Garel is the first I have beyond John and will lead me on the next step back in the family history. I was also not aware that your great Aunt Susan Brown had 4 children.. I thought John Madison and Cromwell were the only 2 so there's more to be added to my list. I'll try calling you tonight to verify I'm on the right track.

Cathy Turner
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Re: CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby JohnW » Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:58 am

I also am trying to find details on a 'T. Cassis' who was an old Wolmerian playing in the 'Present Team vs Past Team' Cricket match in 1907. I have searched familysearch inside-out and there are none that even starts with a T.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby joyousjoy » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:21 am

I am looking for more information on Pedro/Pierre/Peter Cassis/Casis, in 19th century Kingston, who was the father of John Cassis, a prominent Kingston business man from 19th century into 20th century. I have references that indicate that John Cassis was the illegitimate son of Marie/Rachael Francis by Pedro Cassis and was the half brother of Charles Phillip Lazarus, the other illegitimate son of Marie Francis, by Abraham Lazarus, a local Jewish landowner. John Cassis and C P Lazarus were very prominent 'Colored' business men in 19th and early 20th century Kingston, much involved in public life.
I have totally failed to find any information on Pedro Cassis' origins, occupation in Kingston, and date and circumstance of death - I wonder if anyone has such information, or possible sources I could access.
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Re: CASSIS - Jamaica, Kingston

Postby 72Mustang » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:47 pm

Hello, I found your post. I am the wife of John David Turner. His mother was Sylvia Margaret Cassis (who just passed away last April at 102) and his Grandfather was John Madison Cassis. John M. Cassis' father I believe was the John Cassis you are referencing.

I have found quite a bit of information leading back to John's father Pedro Nolasco Casis (name spelling changes) and his wife Marie Louise Garel. They had 2 children - John Cassis (born 1839) and Joseph Cassis (born 1845). I don't know if these 2 children were legitimate or not. John & Joseph were both succcessful businessmen in Kingston.

Pedro's father seems to be Jose Hilario and his mother was Maria de Leon (Lion?).

John Cassis first married Christiana Augusta Breckenridge in 1858 and she died in 1880. I believe they had 5 children. He then married Susan Saunders Brown.

Please contact me if I can assist any further with what I have!

I live north of Toronto.
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