CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

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CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby Keith Burton » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:17 am

I'm trying to see how far back I can get with my Cummings line. They settled in Amiel Town (Mount Angus), Saint Mary. My great-great-grandfather, Richard Cummings was probably born in the 1820s and his wife, Isabella was born in 1828. I know the names of five children: Frances Elizabeth, George Ezekiel, Micah, Timothy, and Rhoda (my great-grandmother).

I have also located an Ellen Cummings from Amiel Town, who may very well be my great-great-great grandmother, with a birthdate of 1812, but I have not found a conclusive link.

Since the Cummings appear to have had a lot of female offspring, the name has not survived in that area. However, some of the surnames who married into the family are DaCosta, Bennet, Sinclair, Simms (Syms/Symms), Forbes, Edwards, Byfield, and Brown.
Keith Burton
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Re: CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby Andykidd » Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:02 pm


I am trying to find some information about an Eliza Cummings from Amiel Town, St. Mary. She married a Mr. George Ashley (Abt 1825-1895) and had (as far as I could document) two children with him. I only have Eliza's name from birth registration of two children born to her, George Beecham Ashley (my grandmother's husband) and Ann Miriam Ashley (aka Miriam Ashley). Both children were born in Amiel Town and George Ashley died there as well in 1895. On the birth registrations, it is noted that Eliza Ashley was formerly Eliza Cummings.

Have you come across any of these individuals in your research?

Thank you.
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Re: CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby Keith Burton » Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:34 am


Eliza Cummings was the older sister of my great-grand mother, Rhoda Cummings (1863-1955). She and George Ashley actually had four children. In addition to Ann Miriam and George Beecham, there was Richard Reuben (1883 - ?) and Willian Laban (1877 - 1947). I don't have any details on Richard, but William married Alestine Amanda Cann (1905-1940), with whom he had three children: Ansel Lloyd, Egerton Lashbourne and Leopold.

I would love to connect with you to find out more about your line (before this conversation, I had no descendants for George Beecham Ashley and Ellen Anderson).

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Re: CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby jpreston » Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:36 pm


We are looking for any information about our mother this is what we have so far:

Search Results:

1. Birth record of Daphne Elaine Cummings (subject)
- Date of birth: 1st January, 1944
- Place of birth: Mahoe Hill, Annotto Bay, St. Mary
- Mother’s name: Irene Thomas, higgler
- Father’s name: Not stated
- Entry #: FA 7346/1969 (Late Registration)

2. Marriage record of George Cummings & Irene Victoria Thomas (parents)
- Date of marriage: 29th December, 1946
- Place of marriage: Walers Mount, Retreat, St. Mary
- Groom’s condition: Bachelor
- Bride’s condition: Spinster
- Groom’s occupation: Cultivator
- Bride’s occupation: None stated
- Groom’s age: 29 years
- Bride’s age: 36 years
- Groom’s residence: Mahoe Hill, St. Mary
- Bride’s residence: Mount Regale, St. Mary
- Groom’s father: George Cummings
- Bride’s father: Elijah Thomas
- Witnesses: Robert Duhaney & Muriel Morrison
- Marriage officer: Percival Holness

3. Marriage record of George Cummings & Verona Kerr (father’s 2nd marriage)
- Date of marriage: 28th August, 1974
- Place of marriage: Annotto Bay, St. Mary
- Groom’s condition: Widowed
- Bride’s condition: Divorced
- Groom’s occupation: Farmer
- Bride’s occupation: Housewife
- Groom’s age: 48 years
- Bride’s age: 44 years
- Groom’s residence: Devon Pen, St. Mary
- Bride’s residence: Devon Pen, St. Mary
- Groom’s father: George Cummings
- Bride’s father: James Kerr
- Witnesses: A. Wilson & Theresa Cummings
- Marriage officer: Delroy Murdock

Also when she passed this is what was stated in the papers: "She is survived by her father George Cummings 13 brothers,11 sisters and other relatives". This was in Dec 22,1982.

Thank You All For Any Info!
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Re: CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby Keith Burton » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:24 am


George Cummings seems to be a popular name among my line of Cummings, who appear to have originated in Mount Angus, Saint Mary. As far as I have gathered, there were two brothers, Richard and Whitman. Richard's immediate offspring were born in Mount Angus, while Whitman's family lived in Gayle.

Do you have any other names that we can build on?


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