CHISHOLM - Jamaica (Scottish)

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CHISHOLM - Jamaica (Scottish)

Postby Melene » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:37 pm

Hello All,

I am currently researching my Chisholm ancestry I have gone as far back as My GGGG Grandfather who was Scottish his name was John Robert Chisholm he sired John Gordon Chisholm who sired Wellesley Chisholm and the family was in St. Ann's Parish as well as Falmouth in Trelawny. John Gordon Chisholm married Mary Ann Bourke and had 9 children together before she passed away and he remarried a woman by the name of Carvalho. John Gordon Chisholm died in Pennsylvania and his body was returned to Kingston Jamaica on Winward Road. I would love if anyone can help me go beyond John Robert Chisholm and possibly help with the locations of the other 8 children that JGC and MAB had together. Thank you anyone who can help, even in directing me in the right direction to continue my search.
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Re: CHISHOLM - Jamaica (Scottish)

Postby Graceofsummer » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:48 am

Hello, I have been trying to track down Reverend ? john Robert Chisholm who is listed as island curate and also of Vere parish. I do not have birth date or place for him, but believe it was Edinburgh Scotland or thereabouts. I'm quite sure he was my g g g g grandfather. John Gordon Chisholm also turns up on my tree as does Catherine Gordon (in family notes). I cannot seem to figure out how she fits in and where the name Gordon comes from. The fact that John Robert Chisholm's body was returned to Kingston makes it likely that we are both descended from him. Unfortunately I do not have any info on the rest of the children you inquired about. Let me know if this helps and if you might have more info to add. Graceofsummer
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