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SERRANT, SERANT, CERANT - Cayenne,Dominica,Antigua,St.Kitts

PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2013 6:03 pm
by Emelda
I am trying to find information and if possible descendants of Gabrielle Emilie Ser(r)ant, born March 24 1899 in Cayenne French Guyana, she was the second child out of four. She was the only sister of Louis Georges Hubert Ser(r)ant, Wiliam Basile Ser(r)ant and Mark Ser(r)ant.

All three brothers moved to Dominica after their mother's passing in Cayenne just after WWI. Louis (who was known to all as George Serrant) was the eldest, he was my grandfather. He moved from Dominica to Antigua and then to St. Kitts where he lived the rest of his time, died and was buried. Wiliam and Mark both got married in Dominica where they died and were buried later on. I have no info on Mark just that he had one son who was handicapped and is also dead.

Their mother was Eczeline Serant born around 1877 there is no birth registration in Cayenne for her.

I am hoping that some one visiting this website might be able to help me solve this puzzle in finding out where Eczeline was born. Where her daughter, my great aunt Gabrielle went to after she left Cayenne. And any info about Mark's life in Dominica up until he died.

In the birth registry in Cayenne they have Serant written with one R but for some unknown reason in Dominica my grandfather and his brothers' surname became Serrant with two R's.

I truly hope someone reading this will be able to help me out. :)