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Post by ChuckM » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:49 pm

I am trying to find information on my second great grandmother, Robina Crowsen.

In particular, I am looking for the names of her parents and the date that she (presumably) arrived in Jamaica, and under what circumstances she arrived.

Robina married George Edgar Radcliffe (G.E.R.) Pearce, a civil servant, in Dec. 1890 when he was a sub-inspector in the Jamaican constabulary, although I am unable to find record of their marriage. Apparently, the parish records for 1890 are missing.

She was born around 1872 in England according to her 1920 filing in the U.S census (where she moved in 1905) and her parents are listed as having been born in Scotland. The US census of 1910 lists her parents as having been born in England, though.

On the Jamaican birth records for GER's and Robina's children, George Enbro Tarbutt Pearce born in St. Ann in Feb. 1892, and Charles Lithgow Tarbutt Pearce in Kingston in 1893, her maiden name, Crowsen is consistently spelled, although her first name spelling changes from "Rowbena" to "Lena". In addition, she appears as Lena Pearce in the US census of 1910 and then as Helena L. Pearce in the US census of 1920. This is the same person, as her children are listed as members of her household with the correct spelling.

Her death certificate of 1929 lists her as Robina Pearce.

I believe that she was well educated, earning a living in the US as a music tutor, and also was elected as a member of the Institute of Jamaica in 1895 (appearing as Mrs. GER Pearce).

Finally, through my grandmother's recollections in 2007 (my grandmother was born in 1914), Robina was raised by a wealthy aunt and uncle who died either during or before WWI and left their estate to help finance Britain's WWI efforts against the Germans. This last bit of info doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me and seems a stretch, but who knows.

I believe that the Dec. 1890 marriage record would provide the missing link but, as the record itself is missing, I am not sure where to turn.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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