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CLAYPOOLE - Barbados - St. George and St. Philip

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:02 pm
by barry
Edward Claypoole, 1636-c1690, married Mrs. Abigail Mascall on 11 May 1676 in the Parish of St. Philip, Barbados. They had 4 daughters - Elizabeth, Abigail, Sarah & Frances, who is believed to have married a Mr. Butcher. His will also mentions another daughter, Mary.
A former 'Captain of Foot', .....(he)..."is spoken of in the Parish Register of St George's, Barbadoes, as owning '325 acres, 12 white servants, 86 negroes (more white servants by 4 than anybody)' from which it appears that his circumstances were comfortable.." 'Genealogy of the Claypoole Family of Philadelphia 1588-1893', Graaf, Rebecca Irwin; 1893. For a period, he also owned land/property in Pennsylvania and/or Delaware in colonial America.
Does anyone have more information on Edward Claypoole and/or his descendants?