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Campbell - Darian - Panama - Jamaica

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:43 pm
by tcswim
A new play on at the Edinburgh Festival depicted the (failed) Scottish attempt to create a Scots colony in Panama (1685?) called Darian. Many (over 1,000) died in the attempt but some survived and settled in Jamaica include a (Sir??) John Campbell who was in charge of the military on the expedition and lived for some time in Jamaica as part of a great Argyle community in Western Jamaica.

Anyone with knowledge of this man? Thanks in advance

Scotland and Barbados

Re: Campbell - Darian - Panama - Jamaica

PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:43 pm
by DR Arathoon
Hello all researchers, this is my first post.

I think the lister may be referring to my ancestor Col John Campbell of Blackriver 1673 - 1740. He was my 8th grt uncle and sister of my 7th grt grandmother Bessie Campbell, not to be confused with her sister Elizabeth. He also mentored my ancestor, The Very Rev Neil Campbell of Clenaray, who was raise in the care of his mother Lady Jean Maclver Campbell, heiress of Pennymore, and the Rev Patrick Campbell of Torbhlaren.

What would you like to know about Col John Campbell of Blackriver ?

For now, I can tell you he married twice once to Katherine Claiborne of the famous Virginia family and we know of 4 of his children; Colin, Anne, John and Elizabeth.

Please read the following for further direction;

First Campbell to settle in Jamaica. This family is documented in an Internet book called the Blackheath Connection by Dan Byrnes

This family is also extensively documented in volume 3, History of Clan Campbell. Colonel John Campbell of Black River, south western Jamaica, died in 1740 on Jamaica. John Black River was the patriarch of the first Campbells who settled on Jamaica. He was born in 1673, the son of Rev. Patrick Campbell (1631-33-1700) (of Glenary, Torblaren) and Jean Campbell. ([3])

This Jean was possibly the mother of Neil by a liason prior to her marriage to Rev. Patrick. In the 1690s, Colonel John became part of the military units of the ill-fated Scottish Darien Company; possibly with the first of the three major Darien Company expeditions. After that company's activities failed, John raged that England had sabotaged the Darien Company, that he would have no part of a Scotland which might unite with England. He stayed on Jamaica as a planter.

Col. John Campbell, Member of Assembly Westmoreland 1711, MC 1722, died 1740 aged 66 years. Interred in St Elizabeth, the inscription reading:

    "Here lies the Hon. John Campbell, born at Inverary, Argyllshire, North Britain, and descended of the Ancient family of Auchenbrock, when a youth he served several campaigns in Flanders. He went as Captain of the Troops sent to Darien and on his return to this Island, in 1700, he married the daughter of Col. Claiborne by whom he had several children. In 1718 he married Elizabeth (now alive) relict of Col. Gomes. He was for many years Member of the Assembly, Colonel and Custos of St Elizabeth. In 1722 he was made one of the Privy Council. He was the first Campbell who settled in this Island, and thro' his extream generosity and assistance, many are now possessed of opulent fortunes. His temperance and great humanity have always been very remarkable. He died January 29, 1740. Aged 66 years. Universally lamented."
I would be interested in discussing the earliest Campbells on Jamaica, not the later one post emancipation, they are not connected and I have no knowledge of them.

I would be interested in hearing more about this play as well.

Yours aye,
DR Arathoon