British Slave Compensation returns

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British Slave Compensation returns

Postby Guy Grannum » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:43 pm

Under the terms of the British 1833 Emanicipation Act former slave holders were able to claim compensation for the compulsory emancipation of their slaves - ie for the loss of their property.

The Legacies of British Slave-Ownership project under University College London has created a database of the compensation claims for British Caribbean colonies, Mauritius and Cape Colony (South Africa):

You can search by claimant (who is not necessarily the slave holder), country (and parish in Jamaica) and numerous other ways.

If you find an entry you are interested in make a note of the claim number, country and if it was contested as there may be additional information at the UK National Archives in Kew (London).

Note that this is useful for researching slave holders and on the whole not enslave people.

Most standard claims don't give much more information than on the database - though they may give parish (for all colonies), plantation name, and any slave births since the last slave register up to the date of enamcipation on 1 August 1834. if there was a contested claim you may get a lot of additional information on the slave holder and the estate and maybe the slaves.
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