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Registers for Port-au-Prince (Port Republicain) .

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:56 pm
by bimjim
From the Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe list (GHC-Liste) we find that registers for Port-au-Prince (known as Port Republicain during the French Republic) are . from the LDS (FamilySearch) website:

Except for the first two items, which are records that got left behind when the French evacuated Saint-Domingue, the rest date from the early days of the Haïtian republic up through 1863 (see list at bottom in original e-mail). That’s 27, 549 images!

It would be interesting to compare the first two registers on the LDS website with those on the ANOM website

According to subsequent e-mail comments from the Liste, the Haitian registers may or may not overlap those that were extracted by the Association de Généalogie d’Haiti (of Canada). The AGH has done exceptional work under less than exceptional circumstances:
The AGH and the LDS are working together to assure that these valuable and fragile registers are preserved for the future.

These records are for birth registered in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, only -- no other Haitian cities. Navigation through the . documents is easy -- the tools are near the top of the screen, above the image.