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Caribbean Genealogy Resources

Post by bimjim » Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:58 pm
CARSURDEX - Caribbean Surname Index

Very popular, very effective. This 24/7 on-line listing of surnames being researched is now being listed, edited and updated by the posting researchers themselves (in Discussion Board format). All communication is by PM (Private Message) by registered users ONLY for security and privacy reasons, and to keep all email addresses hidden from SPAM harvesters.

A listing of both on-island and off-island resources, links, URLs, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Subjects covered: Preservation, GenResources, Microfilm Index, Microfilms, Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography , Caribbean-L email Discussion List, Commercial Sources of Research Material, Mormons: IGI International Genealogical Index, Mormons: Family History Library Catalog, CARSURDEX - Caribbean Surname Index, Antigua Film Project, Surnames By Town

Appropriate additions welcome, send PM on this forum to to 'bimjim'.

VL Oliver's "Caribbeana", one of the major monumental works of Caribbean genealogy. Books are 8.5 x 11 inches (full page size), printed on sturdy heavy paper, 8 books to a set, includes calendars and transcriptions of parish registers, wills and deeds, correspondence, pedigrees, extracts from newspapers, extensive notes on families and a host of illustrations.

Volume 6 includes combined amateur Indexes missing from the original sets, which have been re-typed, proofed and reformatted to resemble the originals from volumes 1 to 5.

This full set includes the combined "Registers of St. Thomas and Middle Island" and two sections of "West Indian Bookplates" to make up the new Volume 7.

Volume 8 is all the indexes repeated again for institutional purposes - each Volume still has its own index at the back.

VL Oliver's "History of Antigua", another major monumental work of Caribbean genealogy. Very large books (10 x 15 inches), printed on sturdy heavy paper, 3 books to a set.

Barbados and America, by David L. Kent

The basic source book for genealogical or historical research in colonial Barbados. Invaluable for its 1715 census transcript, available nowhere else. Essential for colonial American ties to England.

From the prospectus: "The 1715 census of the entire white population anticipates by more than a century the familiar format of later English and American returns, providing evidence of familial relationships in this early period."

Includes research guide to Barbadian records, maps, 13,000 every-name index. The introduction includes a colony-by-colony survey, referencing several dozen families with Barbadian connections, from New Hampshire to South Carolina.

If you cannot identify your family's place of origin in England, this book is likely to be the key to solving that problem. Favorably reviewed by Milton Rubincam in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

The book includes a continuation of John Camden Hotten's celebrated Original Lists, and has been favorably reviewed by J. S. Handler, the authority on Barbadian historical research, as well as by the Barbados Historical Society and Museum.

Old Barbados Newspapers, Volumes 1 & 2

Volume 1: Barbados Globe & Colonial Advocate - 280 pages
September 4, 1837; February 8 & 15, 1838; March 28, 1839 to April 9, 1840

Volume 2 : Barbados Mercury & Bridge-town Gazette - 364 pages
October 8, 1815; January 15, 1839 to January 28, 1840

Cyndi's List

An amazing collection of links and resources for every genealogy topic, nationality, language and creed under the sun. The leads this site could generate for anyone and everyone around the world could take years to hunt down...


Here is the Custom Search page to access the database broadly by Region grouping...
** PLEASE NOTE: Remember to set the search location!!! (whether to "Caribbean Islands" or something else.) ... ch_IGI.asp

Here is the Custom Search page to access the database specifically by Country... ... esults.asp

Whatever the note says, you CAN just enter only a surname and search... all surnames and Soundex equivalents will be returned, page after page.

** PLEASE NOTE: You can also now search by Christian name only in the same way!!

Also, these pages are not the end of the story... click on the name links shown and you will get an immediate family page... click on links within the immediate family page and get further down still...


Serious researchers regard the IGI as a source of "nudges" or "hints" only, not as definitive proof of anything at all, for the simple reason that at least some of these entries come from uploaded/donated amateur family trees. And serious researchers are aware that amateur family trees can - and do - contain amounts of undocumented assumptions, hearsay, the word of senile relatives, and occasionally massive amounts of wishful thinking that are merely entertaining at best.

So, by all means use the IGI to further your research... but if you want to be a serious truly researcher for your family tree, you MUST confirm the information found there with other sources.

Doomsday Book

For those Caribbean searchers who may have British roots, the UK National Archives have put the Domesday (some spell it Doomsday) Book is now on line...


Mary Gleadall's site has been relaunched as Caribbean Family History. The new URL is

Mary's site includes the Westbury Cementery database.

Barbados Monumental Inscriptions

The monumental inscriptions for Barbados can be found here... these are in index form (all MIs to 1950 are included) and the site administrator will give full transcriptions for any you request.

The Barbados Department of Archives holds voters registers from 1867 - 1938 though many are in poor condition and can't be seen. They also hold registers of electors for 1951, 1956-67 and 1969.

Barbados: A Practical Guide

A lot more about Barbados may be found in the book Tracing Ancestors in "Barbados: A Practical Guide" by Geraldine Lane for more details.


Much like the IGI database, you may find something more here.


More will be added here as they come to hand...

Jim Lynch
Caribbean Surname Index


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