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Top Genealogy Magazines - 2009

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:03 pm
by bimjim ... nd_E-zines

Top Sites
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1. Eastman's . Genealogy News
Newsletter with family history news, tips and reviews from genealogist Dick Eastman.

    [Ed. Note: I have been receiving this free email newsletter for about a year. Unfortunately, of the "free" content, the genealogy material is seldom of much use, and the rest is filled up with mostly irrelevant chatty computer suggestions and comparisons between PC and Mac computers and software - probably his way of filling the communications in the lack of real genealogy news. His content is also created on a Macintosh, so his email newsletter is also filled with unwanted characters generated by that computer.]

2. Family Tree Magazine
Covers all the areas of potential interest to family-history enthusiasts, reaching beyond genealogy research to also encompass ethnic heritage, family reunions, scrapbooking and historic travel.
From the site: Family Tree Magazine , America’s #1 family history magazine, is the leading how-to publication for those who want to discover, preserve and celebrate their roots. It covers all areas of potential interest to family history enthusiasts, reaching beyond strict genealogy research to include ethnic heritage, family reunions, memoirs, oral history, scrapbooking, historical travel and other ways that families connect with their pasts. ... More...

3. Family Chronicle Magazine
Provides a downloadable issue of their print magazine, and an archive of some past articles.

4. Journal of Genetic Genealogy
Contains highly technical articles on the use of DNA testing for genealogy.
From the site: The Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG) is exclusively an . journal. The entire content of the Journal will be published quarterly on the World Wide Web at . It is possible that JoGG will have a minimal printed edition for certain libraries. Previous issues of the Journal will remain on the web site. Ownership and control of the journal presently reside with the editorial board. ... More...

5. Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
Contains articles, abstracts, Bible records, and book reviews.

6. The Global Gazette
Books, vital records, genealogy CDs, maps and atlases, genealogy software, archival supplies. . ., order toll-free or visit our physical store.
From the site: On March 27, 1981, twenty-four genealogy enthusiasts met near Smiths Falls Ont., to discuss the formation of a local genealogy society. This group grew in scope and number to become the Lanark County Genealogical Society in 1982. In 20 years the membership has grown to over 350 in Canada, United States, Great Britain, Australia. ... More...

7. Genealogy Roots Blog
Weblog with short descriptions and links to vital records, obituaries, and similar resources, with emphasis on the U.S.

8 . Genealogy In Time
A free . genealogy magazine with news, resources and articles.

9. Genealogy Magazine
Information pertaining to books, databases and articles for tracing your family tree. Also includes access to The Teapot Genies - the first Internet genealogy television show.
From the site: Our website,, is utilized as a reference by, the Texas Historical Commission, and Learning and Teaching Scotland’s series, SCET.Net for History: A Virtual Department (a CD-ROM introducing Internet resources in the classroom). More...

10. Family Research
A genealogical E-zine for people researching English, Scottish or Irish family trees, family history, heritage and genealogy roots.

11. Family History
Articles and book reviews on general family history research; email newsletter available.

12. RootsWeb Review
This weekly e-zine provides news about, its new databases, mailing lists, home pages, and websites. It also includes stories and research tips from around the globe.

13. Indiana Genealogical Society Quarterly
Provides information for Indiana genealogists, including cemeteries, census data and ancestor files.
From the site: The society bestows various awards to honor achievements in the field of Indiana genealogy: ... The society's Board of Directors is an elected body composed of officers (serving 2-year terms) as well as district directors (serving 3-year terms), who represent IGS members in each district of Indiana. ... The society's bylaws detail how the society functions. ... More...

14. Topix - (Genealogy)
News from thousands of sources, sorted geographically for US cities, as well as a wide variety of subjects.
From the site: Topix is the leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city. A Top 10 . newspaper destination (comScore, March 2008), the site links news from 50,000 sources to 360,000 lively user-generated forums. Topix also works with the nation's major media companies to grow and engage their . audiences through forums, classifieds, publishing platforms and RSS feeds. ... More...

15. Genealogy Today News Center
Articles and news releases from various resources both at Genealogy Today and around the Web. RSS News Feed Available.

16. Genealogical Computing
Subscription based resource of worldwide census, marriage, newspaper and various other records. Includes some free searchable databases, columns and articles, gedcoms, and forums.
From the site: About Customer Contributed Content (CCC) - CCC allows Ancestry users to submit alternate names for a record, (i.e. maiden name, nickname) or to correct errors in our index. ... Ancestry users contribute three things to the success of CCC: More...

17. Annals of Genealogical Research
An open access journal for family history and genealogical research.
From the site: Although there are a good number of genealogical journals available in print form, there are not many accessible via the internet. This lack seemed much in need of correction. The internet provides an enormously useful tool, and for genealogy many types of resources have been established. Communication between researchers by email and discussion boards is suitably supported, and access to basic data sources is growing. ... More...

18. Genealogy Newsletter
Resources and research tips.

19. Oregon Genealogical Society Quarterly
Genealogical resource with searchable databases, family trees, mailing lists, and message boards.

20. IIGS Newsletter