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Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654 - 1686

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:27 pm
by bimjim
Database of Indentured Servants from England: ... tures.html


"Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654 - 1686

This database of indenture contracts includes over 10,000 indentured servants contracts from four different registers. The contracts indicate not only the servant's name and length of indenture, but also the name of the servant's parents and owner, his home province and city, occupation, destination, and ship of embarkation. These records provide a detailed composition of indentured servants in the 17th century Atlantic World.

This page allows you to perform basic queries on the Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations. This form also allows you to search multiple databases at the same time. For advanced searches on each of the 4 registers, or to perform a general search on multiple registers, please use the links to the right.

For more information on the individual registers, to see the types of fields in each register, or to access lists of place names, occupations, and destinations found in the registers, please use the bottom link on the right.

Note: The wild card character is %. It can be substituted for any number of characters at the front, middle, or back of a word.

Bristol 1654 - 1686

Middlesex 1682 - 1685

London I 1682 - 1692

London II 1718 - 1759"