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Family search

Postby Grace » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:54 pm

Hello everyone,

I am happy to be a apart of this group. I am looking to find ancestry information from 1845 forward from Trinidad on my great grandparents, and grandparents. Any ideas or suggestions :)

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Re: Family search

Postby bimjim » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:33 pm

Hi, Grace...

I think you will get a much more positive response if you make Posts with specific surnames and locations, especially in the Subject line as others have done. The basic concept of this Index is to safely place such information for the long-term for others to find and respond - there is very little Facebook-type general discussion here.

Please make such Posts soon... I send out a Digest at the end of every month to all users with all the Subject lines - which usually contain surnames and locations. Few users are likely to come looking at a Post with a general Subject line.

As I said, the concept here is long-term, it is really multitasking because you leave your Post here for others to find while you get on with life or other research. The Index sends you an email if someone responds.

If you do want hints on where else to look (all free), start with, the Useful Links Board on this Index, and Search Facebook for Groups with the keywords "Trinidad" and "genealogy".

Good luck...

Jim Lynch
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